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  • Scout As A Eagle Scout Award

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    ever had to do in your life? For myself, it was getting my Eagle Scout award. Now for those who don’t know what an Eagle Scout award is or means I will try and explain it to you. An Eagle Scout award is the highest rank possible in Scouting. In order to achieve this rank, you have to complete seven different ranks, along with other different requirements along the way. The basic requirements that you need in order to get an Eagle Scout rank are, twenty-one different merit badges (eleven required and

  • Scout Reflection

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    presented Earth Rocks to Cub Scouts who were earning their Merit Badge. As I now reflect on the two sessions I taught that day, I wonder if I could have ever been truly prepared for them. I believed I had everything lined out and timed to take us right up to the time their session was over. However, that was not the case because the scouts knew a considerable amount more about the subject than I realized. I feel honored to have been able to work with such intelligent groups of scouts. During the first session

  • Boy Scout Boy Scouts

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    Girls in Boy Scouts In the World there is this great program called the Boy scouts of America. In this Boy Scout, program they like to go camping, hiking, merit badges, sell popcorn, and other kinds of fun events outside. There is another great program for girls in the World, and it is called the Girl Scouts of America. The girls scouts preform exciting indoor activities such as sell cookies, make items, and every once in a while they go camping. Although girls have their own program, the girls’

  • The Relationship Between Girl Scout And Girl Scouts And Boy Scouts

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    Today in the Scouts, boys have more opportunities than girls. This issue is causing upheaval among equal rights advocates. Due to protests made by these advocates, girls are now able to join the Boy Scouts, but combining them does not solve the problem. Rather, Girl Scouts should have the same opportunities as the Boy Scouts because of the strive towards equality, scholarship opportunities, and Title IX. The push for equality is a goal yet to be reached, due to the lack of opportunities for girls

  • Compare And Contrast Boy Scouts And Girl Scouts

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    The Boy Scouts of America and the Girls Scouts of the USA are both nonprofit organizations that can be the most wonderful experiences in one’s life. Being a Boy Scout or Girl Scout can help the youth develop maturity and character, as they grow with age and enter adulthood. Through the process of volunteering and showing leadership skills, Boy Scouts of America and Girls Scouts of the USA are both life-changing organizations. One involved in any of the two organizations will create unity throughout

  • Speech On Eagle Scout

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    common. We are all Eagle Scouts. Since 1911, there have been more than one million Boy Scouts that have earned the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank advancement in Scouting. However, only about two and a half percent of ALL Boy Scouts have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. It is a very long path, but one that is well worth the journey. This is the one thing that will have brought me both the greatest happiness and success throughout my life. Becoming an Eagle Scout shows that you have demonstrated

  • Girl Scouts

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    Girls Scouts The Girl Scout of the USA mission is “Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.” This past March was a hundred years since girl scouts was started, thanks to Ms. Low. On March 16, 1960, GSUSA was charted by the U.S. Congress. “Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low assembled 18 girls from Savannah, Georgia, on March 12, 1912, for a local Girl Scout meeting. She believed that all girls should be given the opportunity to develop physically

  • Objectives Of Girl Scout

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    Girl Scouts organization accepts all young women. The organization is not deigned to isolate a certain population due to age, race, income or education. In order to join the troops, the young woman must find a local troop, pay a twenty-five dollar membership fee, additional fees may apply if she is interested in other activities, recite the Girl Scout Promise and Girl Scout Law and meet the applicable membership standards; membership levels or Girl Scout Adults requirement. The Girl Scouts assists

  • Benefits Of Girl Scouts

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    The Girl Scouts started in 1912 with only a small number of girls. Juliette Low, the founder, was inspired to create the Girl Scouts after she went to a party in 1912. At this party, she met Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts, and wanted to create a similar program of the opposite gender. In present time, there are now millions of participating girls in this organization. Starting at the age of 5, a girl can enlist to become a Girl Scout and partake in the activities that range from

  • Girl Scout Interview

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    For my profile I interviewed a longtime friend and sister Girl Scout of mine. She goes by the name of Rosie Houck. Girl Scout Programs build the confidence, courage, and character of the girls that will one day be leading society to the future. Each year girls from around the world put all of the things that they have learned about people and helping others to the test. There are three major awards that can be earned in Girl Scouts, the bronze, the silver and the gold. Rosie Houck has completed