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  • Ultrasound Imaging : An Ultrasound Machine

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    The photo on the right shows a medical technician using an ultrasound machine to diagnose appendicitis to a patient, without the use of x-rays. The ultrasound imaging technique involves using high frequency sound waves and their echoes. The machine transmits high-frequency sound pulses into the patient’s body using a probe. In the image, the technician presses and moves the probe along the patient’s body. This photo was taken in the St. Louis Children’s Hospital. A wave is a traveling disturbance

  • Ultrasound

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    Ultrasound For our project we researched ultrasound which is also commonly known as a Sonogram. The definition of ultrasound is energy that is generated by sound waves of 20,000 or greater vibrations per second. Ultrasound is used in many different arrays. It is most often used in the medical field. Ultrasound uses sound waves that are too high to be heard by the human ear. A part of the ultrasound machine called the transducer is placed on the body part and sound waves are emitted from the transducer

  • Ultrasound Imaging

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    Ultrasound imaging including fetal echocardiograms have only been used for about forty years.1 Although this technology is newer, they have learned much between the time that it was developed and now. With this newer technology, there are many benefits, but there are also risks, which we need to know how to limit. We need to know what this technology is, what the benefits and risks are, and how we are to limit those risks. To completely understand the benefits and risks, we need to know what this

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ultrasound

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    waves used was the ultrasound wave. The ultrasound waves, are sound waves with a frequency higher than that of the audible human hearing range (Rouse, "What Is Ultrasound? - Definition from WhatIs.com"). The idea of first applying the ultrasound for medical diagnostic purposes accord simultaneously in more than one country in the world, however the best documented one was in 1957 in Glasgow, Scotland by the Scottish physician Professor Ian Donald ("The Development of Ultrasound"). Donald was inspired

  • The Application Of Ultrasound Technology

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    of ultrasonic equipment 5 Future development of ultrasound technology 5 Conclusion 6 References 6   Introduction Ultrasound is a sound wave that has a frequency greater than the highest frequency humans can hear, therefore it occupies frequency ranges from 20 kHz up to several GHz. Ultrasound is bound by the exactly same wave properties as all other sorts of waves, those being: reflection, refraction, diffraction and mode conversion. Ultrasound is widely used in current days, across a vast number

  • Ultrasound Technician Essay

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    Ultrasound Technician: Catching The Wave It’s her first time finding out the gender of her unborn child. There’s a bundle of emotions in the patients body, waiting for the sonographer to apply the cold gel on the soon to be mothers belly. Then a couple of months past and the mother doesn’t feel good. She then goes to the hospital to find out what’s wrong. As the Ultrasound Technician, also known as a UT, gets ready for the procedure the patient wonders what is happening, is she okay? Is the

  • The Effect Of Ultrasound On The Body

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    When asked what is ultrasound many people may give answers such as, “Oh that’s when they scan women who are pregnant to see the baby”, but little do people know that ultrasound is much more then that. Not only do people misunderstand the job description but also the salary that comes along with the career. Both job description and salary are based on the specialty you choose to pursue. Ultrasound is a very diverse field with many different specialties to choose from within the field and each specialty

  • Ultrasound Technology Essay

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    What is Ultrasound? Ultrasound or ultrasonography is a medical imaging technique that uses high frequency sound waves. It is a high pitch frequency that cannot be heard by the human ear. In ultra sound the following happens: High frequency sound pulses (1-5megahertz) are transmitted from the ultrasound machine into your body using a probe. The sound wave will travel into your body until it hits an object such as soft tissue and bone. When the sound wave hits these objects some of the wave

  • Ultrasound As A Therapeutic Technique

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    Ultrasound as a therapeutic technique in biomedicine Mohammed Sunoqrot School of Engineering, Physics and Mathmatic, University of Dundee Dundee, United Kingdom Abstract— Decades ago ultrasound started the participation in medical therapy, these years have yielded diverse applications and methods that play main roles in patients ' treatment. This review presents some of the mechanisms, methods, and applications of therapeutic ultrasound. Keywords: Ultrasound; therapy; biomedical. I. INTRODUCTION

  • How Ultrasound Works

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    Ultrasound is high frequency sound waves above 20,000 Hz. Often used to assist in medical diagnosis. Ultrasound waves are transmitted through the body where they are reflected off barriers, such as tissue or bone, providing a picture of what lies beneath the skin. (Freudenrich, Ph.D. Craig. "How Ultrasound Works." HowStuffWorks Science. HowStuffWorks, 22 Jan. 2001.) Infrasound waves are low frequency sound waves below 20 Hz. Often used to assist with weather tracking. Scientists use infrasound