Adaptive grammar

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  • Rap Language Analysis

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    In terms of the rap song, language is said to be productive because every time you open your mouth to speak, it’s a new set of things. Kanye West’s rap song is not simply a repetition of what’s already been said, rather, he created his own way to express what he wanted to say. This being said, productivity in terms of the learning theory of language does not necessarily apply in terms of rules. One must follow the rules of language while expressing themselves so that other people are able to understand

  • English Language Learners Paper

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    Introduction This paper will describe my learning experiences working with English Language Learners (ELL) who were in the first grade; the students’ age ranges were from 6 to 8 years old. The students attended an elementary school that provided a curriculum specifically to fit their learning needs; the school develops lessons from an English only model. Restrepo & Gray (2007) suggested that English only models allow ELL students to learn lessons only in English with teacher’s aids or paraprofessionals

  • Unit 4 exercise 1 guided reading

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    CHAPTER 11 1. An introduction that defines a problem, stresses its importance, and offers a brief description of the proposed solution. An analysis of the problem, discussing its causes and its effects. A detailed plan that shows step by step how to solve the problem. A costs benefits analysis that that measures the benefits of the plan against its costs. A conclusion that looks to the future and stresses the importance of taking action. 2. When someone wants to solve a problem or present new ideas

  • Language Acquisition : Learning A New Language

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    example, is present in various languages around the world, including German. In the other hand, there is the English language which does not possess the use of gender grammar, specifically definitive article “the” and indefinite articles “a/an” in English, and “der/die/das” and “ein/einer/ein” in German. Der/ein is the gender grammar for masculine words, die/einer for feminine, and das/ein for neutral. However, these article could change depending if the sentence is describing the noun being presented

  • Communication Style Of Tim Cook

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    out the question from the audience before getting involved in answering the question ( As per his communication style, he is able to perform effectively in individual communication. However, in case of mass audience, he is unable to perform accordingly. The reason behind performing weak in front of a mass audience is his nervousness. In this context, he is able to manage in hiding his nervousness while delivering speech. Apart from that, communication

  • The Fathers Of The Family

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    The fathers of the family were constantly out working in the fields, and the mother of the family would either be cleaning, taking care of infants, or cooking for her family. So, from the time children are able to walk, they have to discover ways to pass the time. Just like today, some activities were restricted due to the weather outside. For example, during the winter season pigs were being slaughtered. Children would go to the slaughterhouse and pick up the pigs’ bladders and blow them up

  • Essay on Writing and Different Ways

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    2.8 All written work I do has to be proofread because most of the time the content is very important. This related to spelling and grammar, it reflects massively on the company and it’s important to keep all written work to a high standard. Proofreading gives me the oppurtunity to make any corrections and/or edit the document so its easier to read and interprit. 3.1 When I’m presenting

  • Social Media Improving Writing Skill

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    want it to be good sentence so we will make a various words on one idea itself. Besides when we write something in social media, the other people can correction our grammar or something. (Novitya Febrianti – 20th) 12. Of course social media can help us on writing skill. Because in this era, when we get wrong in grammar, a spelling check on our smartphone will show where the mistake core is. (Sagita Biliandini – 20th) 13. Yes. Because there is so much people that used a gadget such

  • The Importance of an Enhanced Vocabulary

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    to learning a new language there seems to be a bit of a debate as to how to go about it. One side of the issue declares that learning the rules of grammar is the best way while the other sides with the importance of building a strong native vocabulary in the language being learned. The debate essentially comes down to one of Vocabulary versus Grammar. This papers purpose is highlight the attributes of vocabulary knowledge rather than the grammatical; to illustrate the importance of a solid, non-native

  • How to Move through the Writing Process

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    producing an excellent document. The production variables in writing such as spelling difficulties and poor handwriting can present serious challenges to many students. For this reason, I prefer using a word processor, which assists with spelling and grammar checks. I do not have any particular preference regarding where I do my writing. I consider writing as a continuing tension between the two roles of a writer: the secretary and the author. While the author thinks of the message, organizes ideas, and