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  • Poetry Is Not A Luxury, By Audre Lorde : Critical Analysis

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    Akin to intersectional romance fiction, poetry is equivalently as radical. Poetry magnifies the significance of language as a revolutionary tool, one that liberates women and cultivates an environment in which women are free to address their aspirations and anxieties while condemning the ideals of a society that operates under the canons of male chauvinism. In a collection of letters published as a tribute to the late Audre Lorde in Off Our Backs, a feminist newspaper journal written for women by

  • Rhetorical Analysis “and Ain’t I a Woman”

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    Daizelle Huggins Engl 1301 Mr. Baggaley 9/17/11 Rhetorical Analysis “And Ain’t I a Woman” In the speech “And Ain’t I a Woman” Sojourner Truth speaks on why women should have rights at the Woman’s Rights Convention in 1851. There were women, men, Methodist, Baptist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, and Universalist ministers in the church who didn’t want Sojourner Truth to speak from when she walked in the door because she was a woman. The writer Frances Gage said “Again and again, timorous and trembling

  • Sojourner Truth’s Ain’t I A Woman? Essay

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    argument as strongly. With only these methods, Sojourner Truth has already established a very encouraging and authoritative tone. The addition of anaphora and juxtaposition further helps Truth establish her tone. The repetition of the anaphora, “Ain’t I a woman?” is consistent throughout the speech. Slowly but surely, the repetition ingrains the idea into the audience’s mind and is the most memorable part of the speech. It excites the audience and convinces them to believe in her claim that women

  • Concepts and Implications in Jay Macleod's Ain't No Makin' It

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    Social reproduction is examined closely by Jay Macleod in his book "Ain't No Makin' It: Aspirations and Attainment in a Low-Income Neighborhood." His study examines two groups of working class teenage boys residing in Clarendon Heights, a housing project in upstate New York. The Hallway Hangers, a predominately white peer group, and the Brothers, an all African American peer group with the exception of one white member. Through the use of multiple social theories, MacLeod explains social reproduction

  • This Ain't My First Rodeo Essay

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    Introduction One of the largest imagined communities in our nation-state, the United States of America, has culminated throughout history to now identify 72.4% of our current population (“State and County QuickFacts”). Whiteness, America’s largely imagined identity, is considered to be both a class and a racial identifier. Its “culture”, like all cultures, is highly dynamic and varies across space and time. I aim to either falsify or buttress the stereotypical norm of white, southern culture

  • It Ain’T Yeezy. Rapper Turned Fashion Designer Kanye West’S

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    It ain’t Yeezy Rapper turned Fashion designer Kanye West’s style depicts every aspect of strength I would argue that his style structure is based on a creative view point and I admire his eye for uniquely chic, classy and rough clothing themes. I would love to hone in on the Egyptian era of dress, I would argue that Egyptians themes are elaborate and creatively matched to the divine expertise of design. The theme that I would like to present Kanye West is the era of which clothing would be described

  • Injustices of Women of Color by Sojourner Truth in Speech, Ain't I Woman

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    Sojourner Truth: Ain’t I Woman In the speech “Ain’t I a Woman”, the Sojourner Truth delivered during the Women’s Convention of 1851, she speaks on the injustices that women and colored people endured during that horrible time in America. I will make an effort to explore the ways she utilizes rhetorical methods as a means to accomplish a victorious and compelling delivery of her message. In this analysis, I will talk about the way Sojourner draws on her own individual experiences evoke an emotional

  • Essay on Aaliyah - Original Writing

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    Aaliyah - Original Writing "I don't think about my success. I'm happy that the work I've done in the past has been very successful. All I can do is leave it in God's hands and hope my fans feel where I'm coming from. I took the time to give my all." - Aaliyah Haughton. As I sit listening to the infectious, sensuous harmonies of Aaliyah's smooth R & B, I wonder why it had to happen. Why did someone so young with such amazing talent, strength and the potential to carry

  • Gaye What's Going On Analysis

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    What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye The message of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On is that the abuse of the government's authorities will not lead to peace and harmony within the United States. Marvin Gaye sings about his through his lyrics that show the destruction inflicted upon normal families. He sings; “Mother, mother/ There’s too many of you crying/ Brother, brother, brother/ There’s far too many f you dying” (1-4) which show the families that have been affected by things such as poverty, or war

  • Ain't No Party Like A West Point Christmas Party Cus A West Point Christmas Party Don't Stop!

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    Everyone loves a good Christmas Party. Christmas is a time of togetherness, sharing, family, friends and everything that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. One thing that is usually a party of most festive get together's and also warms you up, is booze. Such is the story of an 1826 Christmas Party at the United States Military Academy. And like most nights that are all blurred together by alcohol, there is sometimes a bad apple or two that ruin it for everyone. I know it is hard to think that