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  • Akron Zoo Negotiation

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    the community was only doing things for the Akron Zoo, as in, they felt like the community was always putting together efforts that would only benefit us,” Criss said. This feedback from the pastors came after two town hall meetings organized by councilwoman Sommervile. “I think that’s when we decided that we needed to sit down with these religious leaders to facilitate a conversation about what passing the issues meant,” Barnhardt said. Because the Akron Zoo felt that the pastors in the targeted area

  • Descriptive Essay About Seneca Rocks

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    surrounding valley in the Allegheny Mountains in West Virginia’s Panhandle. This giant slab of rocks has been there for 440 million years. The rock sits along U.S Route 33 and is about 34 miles east of Elkins.” (Bob Downing, Akron

  • The Goodyear Rubber Band: William Spencer Of Alliance, Ohio

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    according the Cincinnati Examiner, that in 1923, Spencer noticed the pages of the Akron Beacon Journal, his local newspaper, were constantly being blown across his and his neighbors' lawns. Consequently, he came up with a simple solution for this. As an employee of the Pennsylvania Railroad, he realized where to acquire free rubber pieces and discarded inner tubes – from The Goodyear Rubber Company also established in Akron. He cut these pieces into round strips and started to wrap the newspapers

  • Critical Care Medical Case Study

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    is defined by 74 zip codes surrounding the hospital where most patients are admitted from. This is population was 541,968 in 2014. In addition, Summa-Akron City Hospital provides tertiary critical care for ten hospitals in the Canton regional referral region. This increases the referral population to 917,133. The average per capita income in the Akron metropolitan area is $44,668 with 14.4% below the poverty level. The Canton area is $40,717 and 13.4% below the poverty level. Both regions are below

  • Immigration And Social Work

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    of this act would be consistent with our beliefs and values. Passage of this bill would encourage legal residency and citizenship besides a means to legalize the status of children who are illegal residents through no decisions of their choosing (Akron

  • News, In Many Forms, Describes Events And Relays Information

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    social media sources. The main focus of this paper will be on The Akron Beacon Journal, the 10 o’clock Channel 8 news, and online news sources. In all three forms of media, the most popularized event is the recent shooting of Robert Goodwin Sr. by Steven Stephens. Limited criminal activates were reported, possibly due to the tragic event of the shooting, but the few that were reported will be described and examined. The Akron Beacon Journal from April 17th 2017,

  • Fraud Orchestrated By Three Senior Executives Of Fair Finance Company

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    SUMMARY OF KEY FACTS. This case involved a fraud orchestrated by three senior executives of Fair Finance Company (Fair) which had its headquarters at Akron Ohio. This fraud occurred from at least 2005 through November 2009 the defendants involved were the three senior executives –Timothy S. Durham, Chief Executive Officer, James F. Cochran, Chairman, and Rick D. Snow, Chief Financial Officer. These executives defrauded their investors by raising approximately $230 million from at least 5,200 investors

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Eraser

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    I was panicking. They would know I stole it. I was sure the police would come get me for what I did. I was just using the eraser for a project. Being an absent minded kindergartener, I had put the eraser in my sweatshirt pocket. I forgot I had even used the teacher’s eraser that day until I was on my way home on the bus. I put my hands inside the pocket of my sweatshirt, and there it was. The teacher’s eraser. I had stolen it. I was nervous the rest of the bus ride home. As soon as the bus reached

  • Statistical Analysis Of Golf

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    Ethan Slover Ms. McNair ELA 20 May 2016 Statistical Analysis in Golf Part 1 Many people think that golf is game of skill, but in this paper I will be researching how golf is also a game of numbers. I already know a little bit about this topic especially the golf side, but I also know that using statistical analysis has worked in other sports like baseball. For example the book Moneyball by Michael Lewis, which was later turned into a movie, tells the story of the 2002 Oakland Athletics

  • Fracking Regulation

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    Now more than ever, our planet sees itself on the brink of self-destruction. From the many harmful practices humans have inflicted on the Earth, fracking may be the most dangerous. Fracking is the process of drilling down into the earth and injecting fracking fluid at high pressures to fracture rocks and collect natural gas. The use of hydraulic fracturing in the US has not only evolved the energy industry, but also raised environmental concerns. Indeed, the government must regulate fracking to the