Alpaca fiber

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  • Alpaca Fiber Research Paper

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    Alpaca Fiber Exquisitely soft, luxuriously lightweight, superbly breathable, and incredibly durable—these are just some of the fabulous reasons why alpaca fiber is now considered part of an elite category of fabrics called specialty fiber. Studies show that alpaca fiber is 30% warmer than sheep’s wool and second only to mohair in strength. It occurs in about 22 natural colors ranging from white to black with a rich variety of beiges, browns and grays in between. Alpaca wool has no lanolin making

  • The Fleece Characteristics Of Alpacas

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    4. RESULTS The fleece characteristics of alpacas are presented in Table 1. Table 1: best estimates for fleece characteristics in alpacasa No. MFD SD CF Mean 105 22.34 4.73 8.27 S. D. - 3.17 1.75 9.67 Sex Female 78 22.70 4.82 9.00 Male 27 21.29 4.47 6.17 Breed Huacaya 73 21.86 4.42 5.92 Suri 32 23.43 5.44 13.64 Colour White 54 22.30 4.51 6.87 Beige 5 21.09 4.16 5.45 Fawn 22 21.85 4.99 7.94 Brown 2 20.23 4.53 4.37 Black 22 23.40 5.15 13.06 Age 1 56b 20.45 4.48

  • What Makes A Good Livestock Animal?

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    Alpacas and Llamas What makes a good livestock animal? Many things are to be considered when choosing a livestock animal. Every animal is raised for different reasons. Llamas and Alpacas are some examples of livestock animals. While llamas and alpacas seem similar, they have many differences. Llamas are slightly bigger than alpacas and have many physical differences. Other than physical differences, llamas and alpacas have different purposes. Both animals are good livestock animals to raise, but

  • Personal Narrative: The Change

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    The Change It was a bright and sunny day on June 3, 1995. Such a good day that I was in the mood to become something different, something that no one would expect to become, but what I had in mind wasn’t what I was hoping for. It was nice out and Brandon and I had some unfinished business we needed to take care of. We got mad at each other earlier that day, got into a big fight and ended up messing up moms’ big day. On top of that, he blamed the whole thing on me which I can never forgive him for

  • An Essay About Alpacas

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    made Alpacas tough enough to survive different weather conditions and navigate through various types of terrain with ease. Alpacas are reared mostly for their wool, which can be used in making multiple items ranging from clothing to decorations and all kinds of woven materials. Alpacas as Pets: Known for their gentle attitude, Alpacas makes excellent pets. They also have a unique appearance, almost like a llama, with a long neck and short body that makes them look cute and adorable. Alpacas can

  • Alpaca Wool Research Paper

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    They’ve tried different winter gear made out of different materials, but they always found themselves too cold or too hot. And are wasting there money on different kinds of winter gear, and most do not work out. What if they tried wool, synthetic, or alpaca wool, which one keeps people the warmest in the winter? "By 4000 BC, Babylonians were wearing clothing out of crudely woven wool fabric. People soon began to develop and maintain herds of wool-bearing animals, and the wool of sheep was soon recognized

  • The Five Characteristics Of An Alpacas : Instinctive Behaviors

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    Alpacas Alpacas instinctive behaviors consist of five things, the first one is their social structure. Alpacas will sometimes spit at each other for when they need personal space. This is something that is done naturally so if you get near an alpaca that is not comfortable with people you could potentially get spit on. So when working with alpacas be careful and pay attention to not get to close to an alpaca that isn’t comfortable with you around. The next behavior is reproduction, when alpacas

  • Llamas Of The Future Research Paper

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    future. This essay will show you that you have to have a past and to go through things in order to have a future. This paragraph is about llamas and where they came from. Llamas are a member of the camelid family. The relatives are the Camel, the Alpaca, the Guanaco, and the Vicuna (Clark, Donna.) The Guanaco is predicted to be the progenitor of the llamas. They originate from the central high Andean Mountains of South America. But it is said that llamas and their family lived in the North American

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymers And Glass Fibre Composites

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    reinforcement materials in the form of fiber particle, ex; - glass fiber for natural fiber, coconut shell powder matrix material and in the form of resin ex: - phenyl formaldehyde or epoxy, urea formaldehyde and so on. Glass fiber reinforced polymers are fiber reinforced polymers, made up of plastic matrix reinforced by fiber of glass. Glass fiber is light in weight and very strong, it is commonly used in different industries for its excellent properties. Nowadays, the fiber reinforced

  • Testing the Strength of Plant Fibers Essay

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    the strength of plant fibers Objectives: To develop knowledge and understanding of the strength of plant fiber in a plant stem. To develop problem solving and experimental skills, for example, information is accurately processed, using calculations where appropriate, experimental procedures are planned, designed and evaluated properly, the use of microscopes, producing valid results and recording results. To develop techniques of measuring the size of plant fibers under microscope using