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  • The Week Summary

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    “The Week” is about how the week went and gives small blurbs about it. The first one is about the precedential debate and how Lester Holt ask the harsh questions to Trump. Clinton was getting easy questions, making it seem like they were avoiding the real issues Clinton is hiding. The author thinks it look like Clinton is hiding something and Lester is covering it up. It’s about how Clinton is out of arms reach of financial meltdown and doesn’t want to discuss the finical crises in America. Mike

  • Essay On The FARC

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    477). The FARC established its own health care, schools, a judicial system, and agrarian economy in the 1970s and ‘80s (Macmillan 238). The introduction of the drug trade significantly altered the composition and actions of the FARC. President Alvaro Uribe himself talks to the international community about the FARC’s facilitation of the drug trade. Velez states multiple times that the FARC is financed by illicit drugs (Velez, 3). The FARC’s involvement in the drug trade caused it to become a primary

  • Colombia Civil War Research Paper

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    patrols.” In order to protect themselves, landowners and drug cartels (who had become wealthy and, therefore, targets for guerrilla kidnappings) formed paramilitary death squads. The government fueled the flames, particularly under President Alvaro Uribe (2002-2010) by subtly endorsing and cooperating with these paramilitary squads, who claimed to be anti-communist, in order to eliminate the guerrilla influence. To do so, paramilitary groups invaded rural, peasant villages, and massacred the

  • Pablo Escobar A Threat Or Influence

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    Should Escobar be known as a threat or as an inspiration for the others? Title: Pablo Escobar, the history of the infamous villain who became the evilest lord that world has ever seen. Introduction. Pablo Escobar, one of the greatest outlaws throughout the history who grew from one of the poorest neighborhoods of Medellin to be the most famous drug lord in the world whose legacy continues even nowadays in Colombia. Escobar was born in Medellin, Colombia, on 1-st of December 1949 and was killed on

  • What Was The Failure Of The Peace Process

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    Thus amidst the crumbling peace talks from 1999-2002, the war in Colombia shifted from a counternarcotics-focused War on Drugs to a counterterrorism-focused War on Terror. The Uribe Administration: 2002-2010 The failed peace talks officially concluded in 2002 following the FARC’s hijacking of a plane on which Senator Jorge Gechem Turbay was aboard. This proved to be the last straw for the government, so the military reoccupied

  • Análisis multimodal de la caricatura política. Reconstrucción de la imagen del expresidente Álvaro Uribe Vélez

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    Análisis multimodal de la caricatura política. Reconstrucción de la imagen del expresidente Álvaro Uribe Vélez. Tema: Análisis multimodal de la caricatura política hecha por Matador en el periódico El tiempo, y la reconstrucción de la imagen del expresidente Álvaro Uribe Vélez. Antecedentes Hacer análisis del discurso implicaba llevar a cabo una investigación desde un enfoque cuantitativo (de manera descriptiva y esquemática) relacionando un número de apariciones de expresiones

  • Essay about Analysis of The Underdogs by Mariano Azuela

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    Analysis of The Underdogs by Mariano Azuela In The Underdogs written by Mariano Azuela, we are introduced to a character that strongly symbolizes the fuel of the Mexican Revolution. Heroes like Demetrio Macias brought the Serrano’s hope of giving them what they felt they truly deserved. Although Demetrio Macias, the general (colonel) of a rebel army is hunting down the army of Pancho Villa, he seems to have the same ideals as the enemy. In addition to Demetrio Macias, we meet women like Camilla

  • Pablo, The King Of Coke

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    Pablo Escobar (or Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria) is frequently signified as the “King of coke”. This Colombian drug lord who is if not or most notorious and effective cocaine smuggler in history. Out of Rionegro, Columbia on December 1, 1949, Escobar is born and was a leader of one of the largest cocaine handling and supply groups in the world. Escobar’s desire and mercilessness made him one of the wealthiest, most influential and vicious criminals of all time. Born in December 1949, Escobar

  • Pancho Villa and the Raid on Columbus, New Mexico

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    There were many conflicts that were more significant in terms of gains, losses, and casualties than that of Villa’s raid of Columbus, New Mexico. Upon hearing that the nearby town of Columbus, New Mexico was lightly garrisoned, Mexican revolutionary Francisco “Pancho” Villa ordered what remained of his army to attack the small farming town. His well-earned reputation had been seriously damaged by this point considering recent losses that devastated his army, having both the Mexican and American

  • The French Revolution : The Causes Of The Mexican Revolution

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    -- The Mexican Revolution -- The Mexican Revolution was a complex and bloody conflict which lasted about a decade, and in which one million people lost their lives. So...did the ends justify the means? Causes: The Mexican people wanted to overthrow the dictator at the time, Porfirio Díaz Mori who had been in office for 34 years, longer than any other dictator had ever ruled Mexico. He violated a good amount of the laws put in place by the Constitution of 1857. People were not happy with him