American short stories

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  • Native Americans: A Short Story

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    Returning from my daily hunt, I walk to my village and pass my fellow people. Everyone is smiling and laughing intently listening to the elders tell stories to the young ones. The men are skinning animals to use for clothes and new homes meanwhile, the women are harvesting food. Everything around me seems so serene, unfortunately, this did not last. A group of pale men coming out of several ships approach us my first initial thought was that they looked like Gods but smelled like pigs. The smell

  • Short Stories In Native American Literature

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    Native American literature is in its self a very unique way of telling stories. In these types of stories, I found that the stories were much different than the stories of the northern American writers I was used too. What I found was the most interesting about the native American writers that I was reading about is how similar the short stories and poems seemed. Erna Gunther, the author of the Native American Literature article stated, “These include ancient hieroglyphic and pictographic writings

  • Sherman Alexie's Short Stories: Native Americans And War Dances

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    Sherman Alexie is a Native American short story author who really puts what it is like to be a Native American into perspective. Alexie wrote the short story “What it means to say Phoenix, Arizona”, which eventually became a film called “Smoke Signals”, both these stories tell the same story but have some major similarities and differences. The theme of prejudice towards Native Americans and the struggles the race deals with on a daily basis. Sherman Alexie’s other story “War Dances” tell the same

  • American Short Fiction And World Story By Alan Cheuse Essay

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    The article “American Short Fiction and World Story” by Alan Cheuse compares the old tales to the modern short story. To start the article he talks about the old type of stories by famous writer Homer. Here talks about how these books are written by the culture of the time. With that being said, he makes the assumption that the old time tales are only applicable to the time in history they were written. This is pretty obvious because in today’s world we rarely see the events that happened in such

  • Look For It in Bonnie Jo Campbell's Short Story Collection, American Salvage

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    Look For It I have seen short story collections at garage sales, thrift stores, and bookstores. I have never actually picked one up and read the front or the back covers. Short stories never interested me for the simple fact of their being short. With Bonnie Jo Campbell’s writing in her collection American Salvage I can appreciate a story without the full beginning, middle, and end. Readers will be occupied by Campbell’s use of detail and her depressing story lines with hidden love. Campbell writes

  • Haitian-American Author of a Collection of Short Stories in Krik-Krak, Edwidge Danticat

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    Edwidge Danticat, a Haitian-American writer, immigrated to the United States at the age of twelve from a Haiti that was filled with violent turmoil where she lived with relatives in a poverty-stricken area of Haiti. She soon learned English in the United States and began to develop as a young writer. Unlike most fictional writers, Danticat wrote her literature about the pain and suffering of her country from her own experiences. “She often says that her voice is the only one of many representing

  • John Updike And Walkers Short Stories Are Culturally Different But Universal Of An American Family And Their Heritage

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    and Walkers short stories are culturally different but universal in the understanding of an American family and their heritage. Updike’s “Separating” you see an upper class white family dealing with separation and potential divorce of a marriage from infidelity. The husband is struggling to make the choice to leave his marriage and family behind for another woman. The husband and wife are trying to figure out a way to break the news to their children. Whereas in Alice Walker’s short story, about a

  • Evolution of the American Short Story

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    When short stories started to be written in the American Romanticism Time Period, they were very different from the ones today, but they didn’t change abruptly. Over the different periods like the American Romanticism, Dark Romantics, Realism, Moderns, and Contemporary, the events changed the style of writing and the characteristics of the way the authors in these times wrote their stories. The authors in these eras started to revolutionize the way they wrote according to occurrences in that particular

  • American Dream Short Story

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    Everyone has their own interpretation of the “American Dream”but no one can truly defend it unless they have experienced, Base on the three short stories “America and I” by Anzia Yezierska, “Among the poor girls” by Wirt Sike, and “Eyewitness at the triangle” by William Shepard. But what is an “American Dream” it could mean anything, the general definition is an imagery or a dream for U.S citizen should have an equal right or opportunities to achieve great success and prosperity. It just doesn't

  • American Solider: A Short Story

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    The Rebirth of an American Solider Darkness surrounds the evening sky. The stars were peeking out from their dark home. It looked as if God took a straight pin, poked a sheet of paper with tiny holes. Crickets softly played their symphony as the world slept. James laid in his bunk, staring off into the darkness. He wondered what the day had in store for him. The night watchman quietly walked his route, like a thief in the night. The night watchman approached James’s bunk and noticed that