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  • Andalusia Setting

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    Andalusia- This is where the story begins in southern Spain called Andalusia. This is where the Santiago, is from. This location is where he travels with his sheep as a shepherd. Santiago travels these towns and villages to sell his sheep products such as wool. In Andalusia there is a church where he visits to sleep. Andalusia is a great environment for his sheep it has lots of open fields of grass. Santiagos sheep follow him becuase he helps find them food and water. All the sheep do is look for

  • The Alambra And The Alhambra

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    After the Umayyad caliphate of Iberia splintered into small kingdoms across modern-day Andalusia in the eleventh century, al-Andalus witnessed the reigns of three important powers: the Almoravid, Almohad, and Nasrid dynasties. As each dynasty confronted the gradual encroachment from the Christian north, most notably with Alfonso VI’s conquest of Toledo in 1085. It would be the Nasrid dynasty (1230-1492) who would ultimately witness the end of Muslim rule in Spain when they surrendered to Isabella

  • Italian Culture : Spanish Dance

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    Tutor Name: Val Harrison CONTENT: 1. Introduction page no. 2 2. History of Andalusia page no. 3, 4 3.

  • World War Between England And France

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    Throughout the course of human history there are countless manifestations of conflicts that prolonged decades, let alone centuries. When one first hears of drawn out European conflicts the foremost one that comes to mind is the Hundred Years War between England and France. However, the Reconquista, or the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula (modern day Spain) fought between Christians and Muslims, was considerably lengthier, spanning 770 years from 722 at the battle of Covadonga and ultimately

  • Holidays In Spain Essay

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    Which are the working hours and holidays in Spain? When we want to talk about Spain a typical schedule in Spain can be from nine in the morning to two in the afternoon, a couple of hours to eat and take a nap, and return to work in the afternoon from five to eight. This may vary. Today it tends to reduce the lunch time to leave earlier in the afternoon. Working hours vary tremendously depending on the company and industry it is in. During the summer months many companies work with a reduced work

  • The Fall Of The Moors

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    Name Class DR. Date The Fall of the Moors In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered the new world. That year also marked the fall of the Moors (Medieval Muslims). They ruled over the Moor Kingdom of Granada in the Iberian Peninsula from 711 to 1492, where the three Abrahamic religions lived in peace. In that year, the battle of Granada caused their great empire to fall. After this battle, Muslims were forced to convert to Christianity or be expelled from the land. This oppression went to the extent

  • The Creation Of Islam Throughout Ad 662

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    The creation of Islam in AD 662 spread very widely within a century and brought on a “whole cultural phenomenon”. Muslims contribute to knowledge through the creation and addition of Arabic numerals, positional notation, algebra, calculations in astronomy, medical analyses, and new poetry techniques. Islam contributions to design are “distinctive, richly colorful, and highly imaginative.” (Newton 30) The militant Arabs took over Syria, and then took over Egypt in AD 640. Sixty years later they

  • The Spanish Reconquista

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    Spain has always been a melting pot of ethnicity and culture. From the Celts and Visigoths that came from the north to the Africans and Arabs from the south to the Romans from the East, empires, kingdoms, and tribes all over the world have recognized and tried to take advantage of the benefits of Spain. War, conquest, and reconquest are frequent throughout the entire history of Spain, and the history of Moors in Spain is no exception. It began in the year 711 when the Moors first crossed over to

  • The Spanish Cuisine Of Spain

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    The culture of Spain is very diverse and lively. It is filled with beautiful colors like the dresses of the Flamenco dancers, or the decorations in the late-night fiestas. Last year my school had a foreign exchange student from a little island off the coast of Spain. Her name was María. She told us all about the crystal blue water that surrounded her island, and the fiestas her and her friends and family would go to until 3 A.M. Spain is a beautiful country, and this paper will explain its most important

  • Difficulties Of Guiris

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    The Difficulties of Being a Guiri in Spain I am leaving Spain with a multitude of new memories, experiences, perspectives and friendships. I want to call attention to the things that made my trip so wonderful and memorable, but I also want to mention some things that I regret. Being a personal reflection, it would be wrong of me to only focus on the positives of this experience, when there were also a few negatives and bumps in the road that affected my time here. I learned so much about myself,