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  • Examples Of Annotated Bibliography

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    What is an annotated bibliography? When and why is it used? Also, what are in-text citations and why do we use them? These are a few questions that we will be addressing in this paper, in addition to many other questions about these topics. Let us start by defining an annotated bibliography. As mentioned by Bullock et. al, “an annotated bibliography describes and gives publication information for, and sometimes evaluate each work on a list of sources.” (p.66) Additionally, an in-text citation is

  • Difference Between Pinterest And Annotated Bibliography

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    Juxtaposing research via pinterest and annotated bibliography, taught me how social media can be used as an academic resource and how to adequately identify credible sources for an annotated bibliography. Also learning to use databases made it easy to find and identify reliable scholarly sources. Though I was familiar with citing sources, I had always used a web-based citation formulator. Therefore learning MLA 8th edition was a completely new experience. The rigidity and technicality used to scare

  • Graduation Speech : My Experience

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    but as the course progressed, I became more curious and frequently generated new ideas to incorporate into my writing. When I first started the Annotated Bibliography, the course reader was a great help in outlining a template to follow. The Annotated Bibliography doesn’t require too much thinking, so I merely followed what needed to be done. The Annotated Bibliography still required knowledge of the general topics I would like to summarize. The summary themselves did not require me to be creative

  • Reflection Of The Past Ten Weeks

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    A Reflection of the Past Ten Weeks in FYI 101 When I started college at Augustana in August and walked into my first day of FYI 101, bright and early on a Monday morning, I did not know what was in store for me to learn in the following ten weeks. Coming into college I could not write in a proper, college way. I did not know how to properly cite sources that I used. This included in text citations and work cited pages. I also would write every essay in a five or six paragraph format instead of writing

  • My First Semester Of English

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    Throughout my first semester of English in college I have gained a significant amount of knowledge in writing. Each writing assignment encouraged me to use and try new approaches to writing. They also encouraged me to a take my writings a step further than the previous papers I have written before. My writing is more academic and formal rather than casual and informal. I have taken the tools that I have learned throughout the semester and articulated those tools into each writing project. With many

  • Annotation Reflection

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    Over the course of the year, I have annotated countless short stories, articles, reviews, and novels. Coming into the class in September, I had little to no knowledge of the numerous intricacies that contribute to effectively annotating a piece of written work. Over time, I have learned much more about how I like to read and write. The constant repetition of annotating articles has helped me to improve the quality of said annotations, to a point today where I can say I have found the best personal

  • Personal Reflection

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    Personal Reflection I am very proud of myself for completing my master’s degree this past May. This is my highest educational accomplishment thus far. Also, I feel blessed for my job as a Spanish teacher at Jackson Elementary. Working in a Title I school district has given me the chance to develop new strategies and skills to meet of disadvantaged, at-risk students. Nonetheless, one of my aspirations is also to be an ESL teacher, so I can help English language learners and assist new immigrants

  • Classroom Reflection Essay

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    she pulls up a power point from the projector the class begins right at 6:00. She begins with asking for students to get their writer's notebooks out and answer the question that was on the whiteboard: “(When it comes to Literature Review versus Annotated Bibliography) Which do you do and why? What do you understand to be the difference between these two mediums. Please respond to this question in your writer’s notebook.” Keener also mentioned that she would be

  • Shhh Essay

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    7. Does the essay need proofreading? Does it contain basic errors in grammar, punctuation, and/or spelling? Laura Dubek ENGLISH 1020-001 Summer Session 3 (2012) Annotated Bibliography 1: Is Food the New Tobacco? Length: 5 entries (2+ pages, typed, double-spaced with proper header, see RM 124-127) Sources: At least 4 different types: books, chapters in books, encyclopedias, pamphlets, scholarly essays, newspaper

  • Analyzing Multiple Perspectives

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    write one and spent a ton of unnecessary time finding articles and then trying to remember what they were on. This was my first time doing an annotated bibliography and it helped me tremendously. Through the annotated bibliography, I learned how to properly organize my research. I think this is evident in how strong my introduction is. Although my annotated bibliographies will probably not be as detailed if I am not turning them in for a grade, I will most likely utilize them in other classes to provide