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What is an annotated bibliography? When and why is it used? Also, what are in-text citations and why do we use them? These are a few questions that we will be addressing in this paper, in addition to many other questions about these topics. Let us start by defining an annotated bibliography. As mentioned by Bullock et. al, “an annotated bibliography describes and gives publication information for, and sometimes evaluate each work on a list of sources.” (p.66) Additionally, an in-text citation is defined as “a reference made within the body of text of an academic essay” (“What is an in-text citation?”, para. 1) We will discover their purpose, why they are important, how to construct them, and when to use them. “The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited.” (“Annotated Bibliography,” 2007) It can be done in one of two …show more content…

al, 2017) It can be written in different ways, for example, if the author is mentioned in the sentence, you would put just the page number in parenthesis, e.g. (263). If not, the parenthesis would include the authors last name and page number, e.g. (Wordsworth 263). Additionally, there are many guidelines depending on the type of source, what information is available, etc. Therefore, it is best to research certain types of citations when you come across them.
In conclusion, we learned that the purpose of an annotated bibliography is to summarize or analyze the source used for your research. Additionally, having an annotated bibliography has many benefits. One example is the assistance in developing the proper thesis statement for your paper. With the extensive summaries or analyzations, you can use this information to choose the right path for your essay. The length and format of your annotated bibliography is dependent on the style you chose as well as instructions given for the

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