Classroom Reflection Essay

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The classroom was a tall open square filled with around 35 student desks and one large set of desks in the front of the class. The front desks consisted of smaller desks which included a stand-up desk that held a computer and a smaller but longer desk with a chair. Behind the front desks was as whiteboard wall that had a projector pointing towards the wall. All of the student’s desks were scattered throughout the class and faced the whiteboard the room has a lot of space, but the number of desks in the room took up most of the walking space. The first student arrived at 5:52. Afterwards nine others join him, one by one. Two of the students began having a conversation while the others. The discussion between the students stopped shortly after Mrs. Keener arrived.
Mrs. Keener walks in at 5:56 and greets me. She then makes her way to the front of the room and logs into the IPFW system. The students in the room stay quiet and focused on other things such as their phones and printed articles as I talk to Mrs. Keener. After she pulls up a power point from the projector the class begins right at 6:00.
She begins with asking for students to get their writer's notebooks out and answer the question that was on the whiteboard: “(When it comes to Literature Review versus Annotated Bibliography) Which do you do and why? What do you understand to be the difference between these two mediums. Please respond to this question in your writer’s notebook.” Keener also mentioned that she would be

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