Anthea Turner: Perfect Housewife

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  • I Stand Here Ironing: The 1950s Woman Essay examples

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    What do Betty from "Pleasantville," June from "Leave it to Beaver," and Donna Reed from "The Donna Reed Show" all have in common? They all represent the image of the perfect housewife in the 1950s. They represent women who gladly cooked, cleaned, dressed in pearls and wore high heals while waiting for their all-knowing husbands to come home. They represent women who can only find fulfillment in male domination and nurturing maternal love. Tillie Olsen, as a single mother with four children (204)

  • Girl By Jamaica Kincaid Analysis

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    girl’s point of view of her mother telling and teaching her how, in her mother’s eyes, to be the perfect lady. The story takes place in a cultural setting of the islands of Antigua where the author was raised. The title “Girl” makes us assume that this isn’t just a personal story, but a somewhat universal childhood that we all face as women and the cultural standards we all face to become the perfect lady. The story is basically 2 pages of commands being told to one from another. At first, you could

  • The Chrysanthemums Literary Analysis

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    Strong is Beautiful     Elisa Allen is a very strong woman and she knows that, so does her husband, and so does everyone else that notices her. In “The Chrysanthemums” by John Steinbeck the pressure donned on a woman to be beautiful is very prominent. Women have trouble recognizing their true beauty and it has been going on for decades, even after hearing they are beautiful and look nice, something does not click in their mind to accept it for themselves. Elisa focuses on the way she looks alot

  • Girl By Jamaica Kincaid Analysis

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    have had the role of being the perfect and typical house wife; needs to stay home and watch the children, cook for husbands, tend to the laundry and chores around the house. In her short story “Girl”, Jamaica Kincaid provides a long one sentence short story about a mother giving specific instructions to her daughter but with one question towards the end, with the daughter’s mother telling her daughter if she had done all the instructions to become a so called “perfect” woman, every man would want her

  • Willow Springs: A Short Story

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    Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham stayed at the top of the only hill in Willow Springs, in the perfect white house with blue shutters that seemed to twinkle in the moonlight. They had the perfect white fence that circled their entire yard perfectly being measured in even numbers only. Mr. Cunningham worked at the town’s only law firm as the senior lawyer, who handled what the firm called the “special” cases. He was a slim, tall man with red hair and freckles that seemed to tap dance to different spots on