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  • BBC News Assignment

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    Name: Shyra Rahman Class: 7-502 Choose a news organization’s website (e.g., Give as much information as possible in each area, using the questions as prompts but addressing anything related to the topic. Choose another website related to an activity or topic you enjoy. Complete the worksheet again. My website: (BBC News) Content: What types of content are covered? Is there anything important missing? Is content balanced in the way it should

  • Btec Business Level Three - Unit 1 - the Business Environment Assignment 1

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    – Types of Businesses Task P1 The BBC is the largest broadcasting organisation in the world. Its mission statement is to enrich people lives with programs that inform, educate and entertain. The BBC has the second largest budget of any UK broadcaster with an operating expenditure of £4.23 billion in 2009/2010. The only UK broadcaster with a larger operating expenditure is British Sky Broadcasting with £5.9 billion ( The reason that Sky’s operating

  • Jerry Springer : The Opera

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    In this essay I will assess and explore the BBC’s decision to broadcast “Jerry Springer: The Opera” broadcasted on 8 January 2005, by drawing on Utilitarianism and Kantianism theories. Background “Jerry Springer : The Opera” is a British musical written by Stewart Lee and Richard Thomas (Freud, 2003). The opera is based on the famous American chat show which has been running since 1991 and is still a very popular television show to this date (A&E Television Networks, 2015). The first time the

  • Essay on BBC Financial Analysis

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    348,200 217,000 Current Liabilities (386,800) (310,300) (271,100) (252,900) Current Ratio 0.90 1.05 1.03 0.86 Interpretation and Explanation In case of BBC, we can observe a positive trend. There has been a significant increase in the ratio. However in 2007, the company’s current liabilities were higher than the current assets.But over the next two consecutive years 2008 and 2009, the company’s assets

  • The UK PSB: Broadcasting Influenced by the State

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    the need of democracy” by impartially reporting the news, promoting social inclusion, giving prominence to public affairs, and “generating content that has cultural value”, which means being the main source of cultural resources for society, rather than merely being for profit (Curran, Seaton, 2010). A general description of the PSB would be “any broadcasting that is influenced by the state” (Henderson, 2009). This includes the BBC, as well as news and current affairs programming that are required

  • Magazine Review: Caped Crusader Essay

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    limitation. The next three pages of Caped Crusader, are "News" including information about products, launches,designers and design opportunities.

  • The Norm In The TV Industry

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    Do and Discover slot and The Bedtime Hour on CBeebies. The BBC Trust received a swarm of complaints from aggravated parents, who claimed that Miss Burnell’s appearance was upsetting and scaring their children, following her debut on the channel. Angered parents claimed the disabled woman was an unsuitable co-host, with one father threatening to ban his 2-year-old from watching the show due to fears that she

  • Essay on Sir John Reith

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    Sir John Reith Sir John Reith was the first Director General of the BBC, and he had particularly strong views on broadcasting as having a cultural and moral responsibility as a means of educating and informing the masses. He once famously stated – ‘It is occasionally indicated to us that we are apparently setting out to give the public what we think they need- and not what they

  • Essay on Public Service Broadcasting Within The Plural Society

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    Introduction British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC] has played its role as a Public Service Broadcasting [PSB] in England since 1926. It was set up on Baron Reith’s hands as an educative media building public’s character by establishing and socializing cultural value to the society via its programs. Hitherto, BBC’s work focuses on the cultural connection among the society and plays a role as its guardian rather than pays attention to the diversity among them (Curran & Seaton, 2003). However, some

  • Assess the Factors Which Led to the Creation of Itv Essay

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    Morning News, Downton Abbey or The Britain’s Got Talent show (Johnson, Turnock, 2005: 1). Commercial television is entertaining, educating and informative and tries to fulfil viewer’s wishes of what they want to watch. British audience has been able to choose what they watch since 1954, when government published the Act of Television which allowed the creation of the first independent television in the United Kingdom. The creation of ITV broke the BBC’s monopoly and introduced country a new era with