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  • Essay on Review of the BBC History Website

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    The BBC History website is very eclectic, covering an immense range of history and as a resource, it could be suggested that it is a victim of trying to appeal all levels of historical interest from the academic to the mildly interested. It has been variously described as relevant and fascinating , a useful research tool , catering to the non-specialist whilst including valuable material for the historical researcher . As a site there is an obvious preference given to any historical programming

  • Natural Disasters

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    extensively in the global news section at BBC Worlds News and CNN World News whilst minimal approach was taken on the coverage of the hundreds who died in South Asia and Sierra Leone because of floods and mudslides respectively. Seeing as more lives were lost to the mudslide in Sierra Leone, West Africa than to Hurricane Harvey in Houston, USA, it is almost difficult to argue against the media bias in BBC World News and CNN World News. The ultimate purpose of the news media is to be a promoter of

  • What Was The First Ident?

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    flashes to either side. The historical backdrop of BBC TV idents starts in the mid 1950s, when the BBC initially showed a logo between projects to recognize its administration. As new innovation has ended up accessible, these gadgets have developed from basic still highly contrasting pictures to the refined full shading short movies seen today. With the landing of advanced administrations in the United Kingdom, and with them numerous all the more new channels, marking is seen by telecasters to be a

  • Use Of 3d Modelling And Motion Graphics Of Idents For Multimedia Organisations

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    ident 2007 3 BBC Three – Outro/Purple World Ident 2008 4 BBC Four Lake Ident 4 References 6 Introduction This report will talk about the use of 3D modelling and motion graphics to create idents for multimedia organisations. The requirements, objectives and targeted audience of the idents will be discussed and all declarations are justified with supporting evidence. The Requirement’s The requirements are basically the advertising of the brand for example E4, BBC 3 and BBC 4. They all

  • Distinguishing the Difference in News Coverage among International and Domestic

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    Distinguishing the Difference in News Coverage among International and Domestic Images Not Included Identifying a Variance in News Coverage It became evident throughout our investigation that separating domestic news source sites from international news source sites would be beneficial in addressing our question of the variance in coverage among these news sources when identifying natural disasters throughout the world. With the objective of properly addressing this inquiry, we decided upon

  • Essay about UK's Economy in Europe

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    the system to rule out a return to high unemployment" (BBC News Online). It may be some time before these recent "lay offs" reach the unemployment figures because these people will not be claiming benefits right away; this could be described as Frictional Unemployment. "Because consumer spending is keeping the economy afloat, the impact of unemployment figures could be crucial for the continued growth of the UK economy" (BBC News Online). Although there seems to be some sort of confusion about

  • Libya’s Reconciliation with the West Essay

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    As current events continue to unfold, a part of the Arab world is at a major crossroads, pursuing a change in foreign policy and a new attitude toward the West not witnessed in at least three decades. A departure from international isolation is preceding a steadily growing rapprochement with the world’s military hegemon. This poses the prospect of a future as a key player in not only its own regional affairs but in major global politics, as well as the opportunity for greater economic growth and

  • British Airways Operational Environment

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    2007 to roughly 3.9% for 2008 and increased liberalisation in the industry would intensify competition and squeeze profitability. -As a sign of the times, IATA revealed that 24 airlines had stopped operating or gone bankrupt in the last 6 months (BBC Bus News TV Broadcast 02 June 2008). Social Environment -The rising cost of Airline travel and the (ever present) fear of terrorism have caused many travellers to avoid business travel whenever possible. On the other hand, a growth in traffic has been

  • The Bedroom Tax: Is It Fair? Essay

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    THE BEDROOM TAX – IS IT FAIR? Mention the words “bedroom tax” in conversation and the responses range from firsthand accounts of people being evicted from their homes to newly bereaved pensioners faced with the prospect of losing their homes because they can’t afford the rent. You can’t fail to have heard horror stories of desperate pensioners such as Stephanie Bottrill feeling suicide to be the only way out (DAILY MAIL, 2013) or a middle aged man “sick of all this shit...” slitting his throat in

  • Swot Analysis Of Capital Fm

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    Capital FM is a very collaborating and communicating station that allows the individuals in its locality to phone in during show times and talk. This also helps the demographics presence in Nottingham, as other residents will share this amongst their friends and family. This sort of thing encourages relaxed listening, which is what attracts people. The station is also involved in holding events to increase their audience figures. Their upcoming event is the summertime ball on the 11th of June 2016