Asclepias curassavica

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    It has naturalized in subtropical and tropical regions and has been growing like a weed in those countries (Asclepias curassavica (bloodflower), 2017). It is actually considered to be one of the worst weeds in Australia. It is an invasive species so it is lives almost everywhere where it can survive. The seeds travel a very long distance because of the wind (Asclepias curassavica (bloodflower), 2017). The Blood Flower is a beautiful flower that looks like a tiny sun because of its vibrant colors

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    The Mead’s milkweed family name is Asclepiadaceae (milkweeds). Mead Milkweed is a nonwoody plant with smooth stem, and has milky sap. This is a short-lived annual growth. It blooms in late May to mid June with one or two clusters that produce roughly five-fourteen flowers per cluster. The flowers are yellow-green or creamy green with purple tints. However, the seeds mature from July until around October. A single plant may have multiple stems, which is frequently being mistaken for individual plants

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