Optical devices

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  • Optical Character Recognition Is Becoming Popular Areas Of Research Under Pattern Recognition And Smart Device Applications

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    Project Title:OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNITION USING ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORKS Abstract: The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is becoming popular areas of research under pattern recognition and smart device applications. It requires the intelligence like human brain to recognize the various handwritten characters. Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is used together the information required to recognize the characters adaptively. This paper presents a performance analysis of character recognition

  • Optical Devices : Laser Vision Correction

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    even have difficulties with that. However, with technology taking a turn, many new inventions have come into existence that can help many parts of the body, including the eyes. Optical devices/processes help us see farther and more clearly than we can with unaided eyes (Sandner, 2009). One of these optical devices/processes is laser vision correction. For most people with vision problems, this brand of surgery looks very appealing to them, which can decrease or even eliminate dependency

  • How Do Night Vision Work?

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    A dim light scene enters the lens at the front. The light is made of photons. An image intensifier night vision device is an optical device that does exactly what you would think from the name. It takes available light and intensifies it. The systems can work in pitch darkness. Infrared systems measure the difference in heat they can produce an electronic image of what is radiating

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wearable Technology

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    Wearable devices Abstract- This article will be talking about how technology started to be wearable, how it affects our lives. The usage, advantages and disadvantages of 20 different wearable devices. An expectation about wearable technology future. Keywords- Wearable devises; Wearable technology; Wearables; HCI; Human-Computer interaction INRODACTION Wearable technology is related to the history and development of wearable computers since the 80s. Wearables make technology pervasive by

  • List Of Potential Sources And Guide Essay

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    Group 1 HTrack List of Potential Sources and Guide Part 1 Document Reference: List of Potential Sources and Guide Document Version: 1.0 Date of Issue: 11-Sep-16 Table of Contents 1 PURPOSE 3 2 OVERVIEW 3 3 PRE-REQUISITES 3 4 DEFINITIONS 3 5 ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 3 5.1 PROJECT TEAM 3 6 PART 1 – PROJECT PROPOSAL 4 6.1 OVERALL DESCRIPTION 4 6.2 SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS OF THE SYSTEM 4 6.3 BENEFITS/ADVANTAGES OF THE SYSTEM…………………………………………………………….....5 6.4 SYSTEM COMPONENTS

  • Fibre Optic : The Future Of Wires Essay

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    of polymer which is coated in intimate contact with the primary coating applied during the manufacturing. So we know the core needs a higher refractive index then the cladding but what is a refractive index anyway? Well the refractive index of an optical medium (material which electromagnetic waves can transmit through) is a number without association that outlines light/ radiation that spreads through the medium. So n=c/v , n being the refractive index, c being the speed of light in the vacuum (Space)

  • Essay On Optical Fibres

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    Many of the appliances that people use regularly incorporate theses systems to simplify everyday life. Two such technologies are optical fibres and linear accelerators which are both found in hospitals. Optical fibres are used in the imaging and illumination components of endoscopes while linear accelerators are used in the treatment of cancer. Even though the use of optical fibres and linear accelerators can often be expensive and hazardous if not supervised by a professional, the updated structure

  • The Evolution Of Optical Networks

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    Optical network is designed to transmit digital signals in the form of pulses of light. Optical fiber is used as medium for transmission. Optical fiber is a thin, flexible, transparent fiber (glass or plastic) that acts as a waveguide to transmit light between the ends of the fiber. Optical fiber consists of a central glass core surrounded by a cladding layer whose refractive index is slightly lower than the core index. Such fibers are generally referred to as step index fiber to distinguish them

  • Memory And Memory Of Computers

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    Primary and Secondary memory. There are 2 types that make up the Primary memory and that would be Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read only memory (ROM). The secondary memory consists of a hard disk drive, flash drive and zip drive. There are also optical discs that are included. One thing that is special in terms of computers would be the Primary memory. Primary memory is divided into 2 types. The first type would be random access memory. RAM is in charge of keeping data in a stored area so that

  • Nt1310 Essay example

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    management. Each pair within a binder group is uniquely color-coded for further ease of management. See also cable and wire. 14. Hybrid/Composite Cable : composite cable A communications cable having both optical and metallic signal-carrying components. Note 1: A cable having optical fiber(s) and a metallic component, e.g., a metallic