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  • Speech Persuasive Speech Comparison

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    the site, we can find many a great performances where it is obvious that the speaker had a great effect on the audience and also where the audience wasn’t very much influenced. On the topic of aging and general health, there were two speeches by Aubrey de Grey’s and Dan Buettner, and we will be comparing these two speeches together No great speech can be created without a good hook. Unfortunately, it seems like neither of them really created a great hook. They failed to really capture the attention

  • Immortality In King Gilgamesh

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    non-biological carriers, extending life to the point of immortality (2045 Strategic Social Initiative: The Russian Millionaire in Search of Immortality).” Dr. Aubrey De Grey, an unconventional academic of Cambridge University, and his wife Adelaide, a genetic researcher also there at Cambridge, suggests they have unlocked the keys to immortality. Dr. De Grey asserts that he has identified “the biological processes responsible for aging,” thus unlocking how to live up to 1,000 years (Schorn). The immortality

  • Persuasive Essay On Eternal Life

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    The word immortal is hardly heard by one another unless speaking about a fiction movie or character. Immortal or immortality is defined as, eternal life or the ability to live forever. In the film, The Immoratalist, directed by David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg conduct a documentary. Containing two completely different individuals, scientists, with the same goal and dream in mind, to find a way to prove that immorality is possible and that it can be achieved in the next decades to come. Although

  • Aging Population Burdens

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    A significant population growth occurred between 1946 and 1964; approximately 76 million people were born in the United States; this group of individuals is known as the “Baby-boom” generation (Dohm, 2000). These individuals now average between the ages of 51-70, and make up a vast majority of those in American whom fall in the late adulthood period of their lives. According to Boyd and Bee (2015, p 418), young old is defined at ages 60-75, old old is 75-85 and oldest old is 85 and older. In the

  • Interventions In Aging

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    two points, we may not see a single massive life extension breakthrough, and frankly, it's not needed. we only need something to extend our life a little bit, then a little bit more. This wouldn't be "radical" life extension. It would be what Aubrey de Grey describes as "Longevity Escape Velocity". Personally, the life extension projects are misguided as far as I'm concerned. As far as I can tell there are no compelling reasons why humans need to live longer. Unless there is a clear evolutionary

  • A Cautionary Analysis of Transhumanist Philosophy Essay

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    battle in the war on death. The main goal of life-extension therapy is to allow for a person to live in a healthful state without the threat of aging or natural death. This is predicted to be achieved by working against what transhumanists such as Aubrey de Grey call the "seven deadly things," such as

  • How Do Animal Models Benefit Human Lifespan

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    The current state of genetically altering life spans is mostly based of the last two decade of research involving animal models. The evidence of the research is showing that aging is more complicated than previously thought. The evidence also shows that the life span of these animal models can be manipulated. There has been an increased effort among researchers to break down the genetic basis of aging, or senescence, which is the harmful side of increasing age. Researchers have made progress with

  • Essay on Stem Cell Research: The Way of the Future

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    Stem Cell Research: the Way of the Future Ponce de Leon’s fountain of youth is a myth about an alleged fountain that can heal disease and even age to reach immortality. Is this so called fountain of youth just a myth or is this large challenge just in their reach standing right before us? The only way for people to achieve a form of immortality is through stem cell research and stem cell therapy. The reprogramming of cells and the addition of new stem cells will soon be the way of the future, it

  • Curing Aging, Television, And Ear Fee Of Mississauga Essay

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    Executive Summary In the CBC News video broadcast “Curing ageing,” reporter Kelly Crowe interviews David Rollo’s, professor of the McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont., British gerontologist Aubrey de Grey of Cambridge, and Ear Fee of Mississauga, Ont., to discuss the ageing phenomenon of attitude towards a long life expectancy. Their experiments to measure a consumer’s attitude of dietary restriction, supplements, and exercise illustrate the complexity of attitudes. The mix of nutritional supplements

  • Bill Gifford 's Spring Chicken : Stay Young Forever

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    Common sense seems to dictate that one day we are all going to die. As we get older we crave to keep our youth, and to stay young forever is the ultimate dream. The thought of a possible immortality is just an added benefit. Even though we have strived towards this goal for centuries, have we obtained advances in successfully staying young forever? In Bill Gifford’s book “Spring Chicken: Stay Young Forever (Or Die Trying)” he explores these ideas of life and aging further. In this novel, he goes