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  • How well do you think the Allied Forces would have done without reliable transport vehicle? Without

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    How well do you think the Allied Forces would have done without reliable transport vehicle? Without the Jeep, Americans during WWII would have struggled in the war because they would not have the Jeeps durability, their multi purposeful design, and their economically beneficial high capacity producing availability. The durability was proved by the way that many WWII leaders tested and loved the Jeeps. They were very much entertained by them, their uniqueness, the way that civilians and past soldiers

  • Austin American-Usman Case

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    The article from the Austin American-Statesman provides relevant information regarding the history of Austin and segregation policies that ultimately affected the particular East Austin area where we hope to provide and improve better education access and outcomes for poverty-stricken children. Starting as far back as the late 1800s and early 1900s, Hispanics and African Americans lived in different patches throughout the city of Austin, Texas. In 1917, the United States Supreme court issued a ruling

  • Permanent Managed Care System: A Case Study

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    Permanent Managed Care guardianship. The fact is known that when CPS has no other alternative than to assume permanent guardianship of a child through its Permanent Managed Care Program…CPS does not make the perfect parent. In January 2015, the Austin American-Statesman published an article that stated: “At least 86 Texas children died after being abused or neglected by non-parent relatives over five years; Child Protective Services has missed red flags signaling that some family members pose threats to

  • Mike Heiligenstein: A Case Study

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    Traffic Solutions and the Leadership of Mike Heiligenstein The demand for mobility and connectivity is increasingly becoming the next frontier in advancing infrastructural aims. An editorial published on the American Statesman on September 3, 2015 by Mr. Mike Heiligenstein argues that the city of Austin will be forced to seek smart tech solutions when cornered with traffic congestion. According to the author, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) was working to do exactly that, address

  • Affirmative Action : Fisher V The University Of Texas Essay

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    Affirmative Action: Fisher v The University of Texas Affirmative Action. For many Texas high school students, these two words haunt them. Their future, or at least their future at the University of Texas, depends on these words. For Abigail Noel Fisher, a 2008 graduate from Sugar Land, Texas, affirmative action and its race bias policies allegedly ruined her chances of getting into this prestigious state university. Fisher argues that race should not be a factor in college admissions processes,

  • Voting Observations

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    were charged with double-voting (Medlicott). Thus, it can be seen that double-voting is a major problem across the nation and steps need to be taken in order to combat this problem. Voter fraud through double-voting is a crime against the entire American public, undermining the very institution of democracy and

  • How to Fight College Cheating

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    Plagiarism is when people take other people’s work and use it to their personally gain without giving the person where the information came from the proper accreditation for their work. Plagiarism is something that no one should engage in doing, in high school or whether in college. Plagiarism in the eyes of the high school teachers and professors is look down on, but plagiarism is different whether in high school or college. In high school many students use other peoples work from the internet

  • Daimler/Bmw a New Breed of Driver

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    toward car sharing programs. 3. How are automakers using car-sharing programs to cater to customers’ component lifestyles? SourceS: Andreas Grosse Halbuer, “car2Go Hits 10,000 Members in Austin,” Austin American Statesman, September 30, 2010, /business/car2go-hits-10-000-members-in-austin-941209.html; Jim Motavalli, “Daimler’s car2go Sharing Program continues to expand,” New York Times, october 18, 2010,

  • The Witch Hunt Of The Salem Witch Trials

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    This case began with couple Mr. and Mrs. Keller opening up a daycare in Austin Texas that was overwhelmingly positive and filled with fun activities for the kids that may attend. All of this came to a halt though, when one day a three year old girl who was already seeing a therapist for mental issues told her mother that Mr

  • Professional Athlete Controversy

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    cheating scandals have fans and critics questioning whether the institution of sports has evolved from a characterization of the American Dream to a business venture in which all that matters is personal gain. While some argue that professional athletes should be held accountable for their actions, people like Cedric Golden, a sports columnist for the Austin American Statesman, claim that that the issue of player misconduct extends far beyond the athletes. Golden argues that it is impractical to hold