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  • Ballerina College Essay

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    couple of years ago I decided I would like to see myself grow up to become a professional ballerina. Before researching my topic, I already knew ballet was very hard on the body and is a very demanding art form. I also knew everything about the different movements, technique, and posture but I didn't know much more about the diets involved and all the hours that are included to become a professional ballerina. Since I've been doing ballet for 11 years now I wanted to learn more about what I

  • Why The Outcasts Judge People

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    The outcasts, who don’t fit in with everybody else. The ballerinas can also represent people in society. The outcasts wouldn’t really want to overthrow society, but they probably wouldn’t like the harsh side of society they’ve seen. They’re also not seen as a threat, but rather someone who shouldn’t be hung out with. When the ballerinas then bring attention, no one wanted to stand up at first, again, proving peer pressure one gets of hanging out

  • The Black Swan and Human Perfectionism Essay

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    Abstract The research question of this extended essay is: To what extend the need of being perfect leads man to its own destruction? It is an analysis of perfection through the film The Black Swan. In the film the main character, Nina, is an obsessed ballerina who at the end destroyed her own life. I began the essay trying to prove that her obsession with being perfect is what leaded her to her destruction and death, but after analyzing the movie it all turned around. I based my investigation in reviews

  • Don 't Love Or Like Someone And You 'll Go !

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    Try telling yourself you don 't love or like someone and you 'll go crazy. To try not to impress him or try not to think about him…. It 's like you want to be with him, but nowhere near him all at the same time. It 's not easy! They say if you love something let it go. Is it really that simple? Love one day and forget the next? That just won 't work! I mean how could you love someone or something and just let it go? If you want something you should go for it right? Hold on to it and never let it

  • Margot Fonteyn Essay

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    Margot Fonteyn is known as one of the greatest classical ballet dancers of all time. Fonteyn has inspired many people and although ballet has changed over the years she is still admired by everyone. She characterized herself by showing excellent technique, her sensitivity to music, grace and passion. Fonteyn was born in May 18, 1919 in Reigate,Surrey England and died in February 21st,1991 in Panama city. She was diagnosed with cancer and eventually the cancer took over her and killed her

  • The Lack Of Diversity During The Ballet World Essay

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    accepted, with the love she had for the art, she desired to be great. Copeland knew that her efforts, passion, and admiration would distinguish her from other dancers. She did not hesitate in the idea that a she was going to grow into a successful ballerina. Despite the criticism made upon her at first glance her heart remained strong and humble, aching to dance through every negative comment possible. Misty Copeland, the face of change to the stereotypical dance world. Ballet, a classical and stylistic

  • Ballerina Thesis

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    Fisher, Jennifer. “Tulle as Tool: Embracing the Conflict of the Ballerina as Powerhouse.” Dance Research Journal, vol. 39 no. 1 (2007), pp. 3-24. Scope: Dance Research Journal, Vol. 39, No. 1, (2007), pp. 3-24 Published by Congress on Research in Dance Topic: This article focuses on the redefining the role of the ballerina. Fisher describes the history of the ballerina and her progression. The author specifically delves into what was previously expected by popular culture to what popular culture

  • Dance Of The Hours Analysis

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    classical version is set on a single level stage where the orchestra in not in view. The prima ballerina features the traditional tutu with the stiff material protruding from the waist. She is assisted with a male partner (pas de deux) as she eloquently floats on her toes (pointe) and easily raises her leg while twirling on the other (Pirouette). She is truly the star of the show as the other ballerinas in similar dress, support the story line from the background by performing low splits on the stage

  • Edgar Degas

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    In examining the work of the impressionist artist Edgar Degas, though he himself preferred to be considered a realist, the very mention of his name conjures images of ballerinas. From the most famous statue of Little Dancer Fourteen Years Old who stands prominently defined in our mind’s eyes or the swirling masses of color and form that showed visions of Parisian Operas in the 1800s like that seen in the painting Dancers in the Wings, Degas’ work is indelibly linked to the world of these petite dancers

  • Analysis Of The Unfinished Dance, By Margaret O ' Brien

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    as to Ballerina ( 1937 ) which was based on the same story. Both of these pictures are about a ballet student who accidentally cripples a famous ballerina when she throws the switch on the onstage trap door, causing the dancer to plummet to her career-ending doom. "Is she dead?" "She broke her leg..... For a dancer, it is worse than death" In The Unfinished Dance (