Battle of Winterthur

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  • Analysis Of The Statue Of Marshal Ney In The Fog

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    The photo “Statue of Marshal Ney in the Fog” was taken by the famous artist Brassaï in 1932, one year before the publishing of his book “Paris de Nuit”, a collection of night photographies of the French capital, mostly representing empty gardens and streets in the rain and fog. The picture, featured in the collection, is a clear example of his early artistic period, which coincides with his first approach to photography itself. In the scene we can see the main element, a monument representing the

  • George Washington

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    The Impact of Washington on the Course of the Revolution The Study of History Section 3 Danielle Mann Professor Pastor December 20, 2010 In 1776, the colonialists of the thirteen colonies of Great Britain and it’s king rose up to protest against absolute rule. After the colonists

  • Ww2 Social And Economic Changes

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    Farm Economics 25, no. 1 (1943): 269-77. Schweitzer, Mary M. “World War II and Female Labor Force Participation Rates.” The Journal of Economic History 40, no. 1 (1980): 89-95. Winterthur Portfolio 34, no. 4 (1999): 282. Harold G. Vatter, The U.S. Economy in World War II (Columbia University Press, 1995), Stephen E. Ambrose, Citizen Soldiers: the U.S. Army