Jet Ski

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  • Jet Skis Case

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    Piazzi should have determined that Nick had no substantive experience on jet skis and no training of any kind. Commercial renters of the same type of machinery require their customers who were born after January 1, 1989 and that do not hold valid safety certificates to view an approximately 45-minute long video on watercraft safety instruction and to pass a test before allowing such individuals to rent a jet ski. Mr. Piazzi could have provided the manuals and any videos in his possession but

  • Jet Ski Narrative

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    Jet ski Joyride It was a sunny summer day and I was with my cousins (Sofie and Ricky), my brother (Marcus), my sister (Marisa), and my Uncle. My uncle had recently gotten a brand new orange and black Jet ski, so we asked if we could take it out on the lake. My Uncle said, “Sure, but only if you guys wear life jackets.” The five of us all at the same time exclaimed, “Yes!” We all put on our life jackets and decided the seating arrangement. Two people would go on the jet ski (not including my

  • Personal Narrative : My Vacation Spots

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    It’s important to note that the two areas have awesome attractive touristic site. If you enjoy the view of huge water and jet skiing, then you are not making a mistake to narrow your search down to these two. When you visit these two areas, find time to tour the city’s bordering these towns and you will find interesting museums. Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon museum and

  • Descriptive Essay On A Day At The Day

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    large spoonful if scrambled eggs. While at the dinner table, we discussed activities to do for the rest of the day. It was decided that we would have the most fun if we went to the local beach so that way the we can choose to swim, go fishing, or go jet skiing. After washing my plate I got dressed in my swimming trunks. The trunks I wore were a vibrant orange with a blue and white flower pattern on the thigh. I rushed to the my grandpa’s blue Ford F10 truck, hopped in, and buckled myself up in anticipation

  • Personal Narrative: Jet Skiing

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    excited to be riding the jet skis for the first time in my life. I couldn't wait, i was so excited. As we arrived at the jet ski renting place, I immediately jumped out of the car and ran into the renting place. “ Slow down Lauryn, you have to wait for me to pay!” my dad yelled trying to get my attention, but i was already inside. Renting the jet ski took a lot longer than I expected. My dad finally stopped talking and we purchased the jet skis. We jumped on the jet ski. My sister drove first then

  • Memories In My Life

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    Vacations are a time where people tend to make memories. One vacation I have a lot of memories of is when I went to the lake with my friends family. Over the summer, my friends Matt and Zack asked me if I wanted to go to Clark Hill Lake near Augusta with them. They are twins. We have been friends for seven years, and every time we are together we always make memories. When they asked me, all I could think about was all the memories we could make, so I said, “yes I would love to go”. I had no idea

  • My Vacation Essay

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    “Rinnnngggggg!” The final bell rang and the doors flew wide open. “Bang!” Lockers are slammed shut. Everyone is rushing through the hall to get to their busses and cars. Summer is finally here. Everyone is ready to sleep in, hang out with friends, and go on their vacations. Summer can get boring when you have nothing to do and when you are required to wait a month to go on your vacation. My family and I were going to Florida. The great news was that the month flew by fast. Somewhere at the end of

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Myrtle Beach

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    beach. I did a variety of things including: jet skiing, parasailing, went to a haunted house, went to boardwalk, went zip linning, and many unusual things. Out of a week of fun, my fourth day was my favorite. Out of my week of vacation, the fourth day I was there was my favorite. I did a variety of experienced a variety a new things that were just amazing. That afternoon, I went jet-skiing before the lines for the place got long. When I went to the jet-skiing place it was like a little

  • Personal Narrative: Bay Home

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    Every year my family and I go to my grandparent’s bay house. We always have the most amazing time there on the water. We go fishing, boating, jet skiing and spend time on a little island. Like every day at the bay, my cousins and I woke up early to go fishing. Five o’clock a.m. always seems so early until we get out on the water. It’s was cold and brisk that morning and we could smell the salt in the air as we walked over to the dock. The water glistened as the sun started peeking out over the

  • The First Time I Rode On A Jet Ski With My Uncle And Fell Off

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    First Time I Rode On A Jet Ski With My Uncle And Fell Off By:Nina "Vrrooooooooommmmmmmmm" I can hear the engine of the jet ski as my uncle turns the key. My body shaking as I sit on the slippery leather seat.This isn 't going to end well I say to myself, imagining me slipping off of the seat and getting ran over by another boat." Hold on!" he is shouting at me over the loud noise. As I squeeze his waist I can feel the jet ski jerk us as we start to