Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

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  • Florida Recruiting Case Study

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    Florida Recruiting: Making Florida fun again In a few weeks, the Athletic Director for the University of Florida, Scott Stricklin, will announce the new head football coach for the Gators. One huge focal area for Stricklin is finding a coach that will implement an offensive scheme that matches the Gators' need. The certain type of offense that many are calling for in Gainesville is the spread option philosophy, while also running run/pass option attacks (once seen under Urban Meyer). Currently

  • Florida Football Game Analysis

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    I wrote a couple weeks ago the five pivotal games for Florida which you can read here, (Florida Football: 5 Pivotal games for Gators in 2017). I ranked Tennessee at #5 and didn't think this was a "must-win" football game. As we saw a year ago, losing your first SEC matchup didn’t dictate the rest of the season. Unfortunately, things have changed and I firmly believe this is a "must-win" ballgame. The Gators falling to Michigan and then not having the ability to play week two switched my perspective

  • UF Gainesville Financial Capital Case Study

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    With everything that the UF Gainesville campus has to offer, the foundation of its production relies in financial capital. Financial capital refers to all assets necessary for a company to provide it’s good and services. ----- Anything that has a money value and is used for future revenue can be considered financial capital as well. This type of capital is sometimes mistaken for economic capital, which its not. Economic capital focuses on coverage of possible losses from unexpected risk. ----The

  • Gator Football Group Analysis

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    the school's almost 50,000 understudies. The Florida Gators sports groups contend in the NCAA Division I Southeastern Conference, and are bolstered by mascots Albert and Alberta the Alligators. The Gator football group, which contends in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium — generally called "The Swamp" — is especially infamous. The group turned into the namesake of well known games drink Gatorade in 1966, after rookies Gators explored different avenues regarding the novel refreshment. The yearly Gator Growl

  • The Importance Of Belonging To The University Of Florida

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    If admitted to the University of Florida… The words seem surreal to think about; I've dreamt of the day to hear those words since I've been able to chomp my arms. If admitted to the University of Florida. I will be able to silence any doubters, for I have achieved my greatest accomplishment. I will be able to tell my family with the utmost pride that I'm going to attend the University of Florida, just as many of them have before. It will be the greatest reward I could be given for all I've done

  • Tipping Point

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    Every society has a tipping point, also referred to as their peak. It makes you wonder, have we reached our peak? As a society have we found the tipping point, and will we proceed to go past that point? There are numerous scholarly journals that support each side of the debate. Some say he have, others would disagree. The research has led me to believe that perhaps, yes, we have reached our limit. Even further, we might continue past our tipping point and begin our decline in stability and world

  • Is Chariot Racing And Gladiator Fights? Essay

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    Citizens in ancient Rome held their entertainment close. Entertainment was free, and appealed to all social classes, from slaves to the emperor. Two forms of entertainment are chariot racing and gladiator fights. These were two of the more popular forms of entertainment available to the average Roman citizens. The first form of entertainment I am going to talk about is chariot racing. Chariot racing was the most popular form of entertainment. It appealed to all social classes, from the lowly slaves