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  • Case Study : Cloud-Based Software Development By Using Oracle Apex

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    Development by using Oracle Apex BY Khanadaker Imran Hossain ID: 151-15-5357 This Report Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering Supervised By Ms. Farah Sharmin Senior Lecturer Department of CSE Daffodil International University DAFFODIL INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY DHAKA, BANGLADESH SEPTEMBER 2017 APPROVAL This Internship titled “Cloud-Based Software Development by using Oracle Apex”, submitted

  • Web Service : Database Objects Implementation

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    A Report on ‘PeopleProfile Web Service – Database objects implementation’ At American Express India Pvt. Ltd. Submitted by Priya Venkatraman PRN: 14030241027 MBA (IT Business Management) (2014-2016) Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (A constituent member of Symbiosis International University (SIU), est., under Section 3 of UGC Act, 1956 by Notification No. F.9-12/2001-U-3 of Govt. of India) Year of submission 2015 Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology A constituent

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of ERP Software

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    Fusion Applications has many different modules cover in different aspects of business functionality. In addition to CRM and HCM, modules include applications for financials, procurement, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and supply chain management (SCM). The user can adopt one or more of these modules and run them in their own data centre or in a hosted or cloud computing environment. Oracle Fusion Applications is a suite of 100% open standards-based business applications that provide

  • Case Study: Redlegg

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    Activated IC+ R75 Pilot in 372 stores o Deployed POS R32 in 360 stores enabling Express Pay enrollment at the Point of Sale registers o Completed Customer Facing Pin Pad SIT, and scheduled a Business demo for this week • Transport Level Security - SNC is enabled between the Azure cloud and On-Prem environment for the Retail Finance Transformation. Next, implement Server to Server, and Application to Database (HANA & ORACLE) SNC pending CR approval • Kicked off review of Kafka capabilities and security

  • What Are Atg And Oracle Atg?

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    Introduction These generations of hi-tech customers are more demanding and more tech savvy. They have better access to information and technology. They are accessing the information from various devices including smart phones, tablets, and other medium of social media and retail kiosk. There are fair chances of buying habits of customers influenced by friend’s recommendations, promotions offers n mail or text messages or searching through internet. The freedom of buying the product at owns ease

  • Summary: Servant Leadership

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    million dollars every year. • Successfully led a team of ETL developers, mentored and coached them. • Chief Architect for enhancing consumer debt collections application and back-end operations for data management and manipulation for our Global Operations in Scotland. • Acted as team lead for large scale data conversion from legacy application to the new

  • Essay about Case Study Analysis

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    to emulate Larry Ellison’s behavior. Oracle has continued to grow over the years and this analysis will explain if Ellison’s

  • Computing And Information Technology Programmes Essay

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    TIZ0000111 Assessor Charmaine Mania Signature Contents Introduction 1 Development and history background 2 Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2. 2 Oracle Solaris Server 11.2 3 User Interface 4 GUI (Graphical User Interface) 4 Windows server 2008r2 4 GUI 4 CLI 4 Solaris Server 11.2 4 GUI 4 CLI 5 System Requirements 5 Windows Server 2008r2 5 Oracle Solaris Server 11.2 5 4. Common MUOS components and their purposes and functional relationship: 5 a. Define an Operating System Kernel. Explain functions

  • A Detailed Look Into The System Implementation

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    Chapter 2: Literature Review 2.1 Introduction The following is a detailed look into the system implementation, methodologies, tools used, test-plan and feasibility study of the proposed system. 2.2 Definition of Terms Throughout this document various technical terms have been used as initials to specific technologies or professional and government bodies and also to describe procedures. Below are the terms and their descriptions: LR. NO Land reference number. LIMS Land information system

  • Hahahah

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    University of Education Township Campus Lahore Enterprise Resource Planning Assignment #2 Muhammad Haseeb Afzal........BSIT-S10-M04 Question#1 Define Moore’s Law and explain why it is significant in the development of ERP. Is Moore’s Law still holding? Moore's law predicts that this trend will continue into the foreseeable future. Although the pace has slowed, the number of transistors per square inch has since doubled