Bernese Alps

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  • A Fountain Research Paper

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    this surreal could only be located in Switzerland, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Experiencing Switzerland’s cow culture of the small mountain towns, being surrounded by the Alps and waterfalls, and having the ability to choose from so many

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To Switzerland

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    It’s quite incredible how often people make plans that ultimately end up failing. I’ve witnessed stories of my parents, family, friends and even strangers on the internet who have planned on traveling to a faraway city with their closest friends and experience a new lifestyle for a few days. We all fantasize about these things, however, more often than not, they do not come true. This was not the case for me. I know myself enough to say I am a lover of travelling and exploring new places. So, my

  • Gregg Steinberg Pyramid Of Success Essay

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    One idea key idea presented by Dr. Gregg Steinberg’s seminar on leadership involves the use of a success pyramid for defining a personal definition of success and steps to achieve that success (G. Steinberg, personal communication, August 13, 2016). The pyramid of success was made famous in large part due to UCLA coach John Wooden and consists of building blocks that lead to greatness or success (Fifer, 2006). Dr. Steinberg stated that the pyramid of success or greatness has been used successfully

  • Switzerland Absolute Location Paper

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    landforms in Switzerland is the wide range of mountains. Switzerland is dominated by mountains which cover about 60% of Switzerland’s land area. The formation of The Jura began 65 million years ago and was part of the same Earth movements that formed the Alps ("Jura Mountains,2010). With mountain ranges such as the Jura Mountains, the Monte Rosa Massif and the Matterhorn, they have made Switzerland one of the most desirable places for mountain hikers and skiers to visit. The Jura Mountains extend for 225milles

  • Geographic Setting : The Alpine Orogeny

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    falls between 120 and 250km. The Alps are divided into four subdivisions, which include the Central, Southern, Western, and Eastern portions (Figure of map). Two cenozoic basins represent the eastern end of the Alps. The Vienna basin compromises the north while the Styrian basin is in the south, hiding any tectonic units (Froitzheim et al. 2008). East-west orientated valleys that are products of the Tertiary age Periadriatic Fault create the boundary of the Southern Alps from the other subdivisions (Froitzheim

  • When Did Otzi Die

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    Who was Otzi, and how did he die? Otzi is a mummified man from the year 3300 BC. He was found in the Otztal Alps right next to the border of present day Italy and Switzerland. He was first spotted on the mountain by a German tourist. Otzi has come a very long way from the beginning of discovery. Originally, he was thought to be a normal tourist who died from exposure or exhaustion, but soon it was clear he was no normal tourist. Read on to explore Otzi’s death and learn more about this age old mystery

  • Descriptive Essay : Skiing The Tasman Glacier

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    Skiing The Tasman Glacier Jack Tripe Mr. Jeremy White 1915 Words Scots College, Wellington 2015 Table of Contents Page 1 Topic of interest page Page 2 The Goal Page 3 Selection of sources Page 4 Application of information Page 5 Essay Page 6 Essay Page 7 Essay Page 8 Application of information Page 9 Bibliography Page 10 Reflection Page 11-13 Appendix Topic of Interest I choose this topic because I enjoy skiing. I like being in the mountains

  • How Human Activity Within A Biophysical Environment Has Consequences For A Sustainable Future

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    (AS90811) Explain how human activity in a biophysical environment has consequences for a sustainable future (4 Credits) By Ryan Neill Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park was formally established in 1953 and was recognised as a World Heritage site in 1986. Approximately 333,340 people visit each year, 30% of whom are New Zealanders. 60% of all visitors are day trippers. Biophysical environment definition = The biophysical environment is the biotic and abiotic surrounding of

  • Burmese Mountain Dog Is A Medium Sized, Muscular Dog

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    The Burmese Mountain Dog is a medium sized, muscular dog originally bred in Burma (Myanmar) to guard Buddhist temples. It is often mistaken by tourists as a German Shepherd. Burmese Mountain Dog was originally bred to guard the temples and keep the temples free of rodents and beggars. It is also known as the Burmese Temple Dog. Carvings of Burmese Mountain Dogs along with their living counterparts can be seen guarding many of the ancient temples throughout Myanmar. This selective breeding for guarding

  • The Formicarius ( Ant Hill ) Of Johannes Nider

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    The Formicarius (Ant Hill) of Johannes Nider, written in Latin in the 1430’s, tells about activities in the Bernese Alps and other territories, based mainly on testimony Nider had obtained from a secular judge from Bern and from an inquisitor. (Levack, 2013) Nider also received testimony from a man from the Bernese territory who went by the name of Peter, a Benedictine monk, and an inquisitor from the convent at Lyons. Nider states that the judge from Bern told him stories about the torture of