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  • Case Study Of Antonia Visconti

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    Antonia Visconti is a Massage Therapist that has invested great amount of time, approximately 20 years, into building her skills in bodywork and relationship building. Originally trained in Italy for massage therapy she has had the benefit of going through massage school twice, once in 1997 in her hometown and again, in the Unites States, graduating in 2015. She told me that she has always had a knack for taking care of others, so the decision to become a massage therapist was one that came naturally

  • Massage Or Hands-On Manipulation

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    Massage or hands-on manipulation is probably the oldest form of healing. Stroking, kneading, rubbing and pressing have been used to relieve pain and stimulate body functions for thousands of years. According to written records, massage was practiced in China more than 3,000 years ago; however, it is much older than that. Primarily, touch and the laying on of hands are tendencies that are as old as humanity. Over the years, humans discovered that massage helps them feel better and live meaningful

  • Ethical Issues In Massage Therapy

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    One important role massage therapist has, is to make the client feel comfortable. The more experience you have within this field, the more confident the therapist would be during a massage session. The idea of the client feeling safe, emotional and/or psychologically, is the a way to receive an effective session (Porcino,2014). The more the client feels complacent, the more the client will be willing to return. Also if the client feels safe, the number of lawsuits would decrease.The American Massage

  • Bodywork In Massage Therapy

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    Bodywork is actually a expression used in massage therapy to express any restorative, healing or personal improvement technique that involves touching or actual physical adjustment which concentrate on specific parts of the body. Bodywork massage is one of the most ancient forms of medicine. It is centered on the concept that muscle tension and incorrect alignment may cause or contribute to physical, psychological and internal imbalances. The methods are focused on decreasing tension within the body

  • Bodyworks Nutrition Education Program Analysis

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    opportunity to start volunteering at the AltaMed Pediatric Clinic located inside of Children's Hospital Los Angeles here in Hollywood, CA. Parents struggling with overweight or obese children have the opportunity to enroll their whole family in the BodyWorks nutrition education program for 7 weeks, that focuses on various nutrition and wellness topics. The goal of the program is to encourage children and their parents to assess their environment, health and lifestyle choices while defining small weekly

  • Professional Massage Therapists : Bodywork & Massage Professionals

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    Successful Website requires a minimum of 25 pages of Content each Page with a minimum of 600 words, More words is Better! If you are not already a member of AMTA or any national massage membership organization, you may want to take a look at Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP). The ABMP has grown significantly in the last 10 years to out number the membership of the AMTA. Both organizations offer their members significant advantages as professional massage therapists. In addition to a

  • Representation Of The Body Is A Physical Tool

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    things they associate themselves with. Bodywork allows a person to consciously tailor their body to their specific desires and needs. The body is a physical tool, but also a means of communicating. Thus, this essay will outline how female participation in bodywork, specifically in regards to roller derby, can be both empowering and disempowering at the same time depending on which aspects a person chooses to emphasize and their perspective used to analyze it. Bodywork allows a person to make

  • The Is The Oldest Health Practice On The Planet Essay

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    share with each other. It lets us know that we are here and very much alive! From the very first moment of our conception, the nervous system begins to develop and connect us to the world. Our senses connect us to each other and our environment. Bodywork is a therapeutic tool that helps us connect with ourselves and the world around us. More about Smart Massage Therapy As our technology evolves we have created mechanical devices that can mimic human touch, but that 's just it, it 's a distant echo

  • Massage Table Research Paper

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    There are several things to consider when deciding how to choose a portable massage table for your personal needs. If you're leaning toward an outcall practice weight and strength will bear prominently in your decision making process. In addition thickness of foam, type of overall covering, leg support system used, width of table top, length of table, height variances and quality of materials used during manufacturing will all play a role. One of the most important considerations is the functionality

  • Body Work Research Paper

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    variety of interests. As I got older, it all boiled down to three main things: painting, cooking, and bodywork. I was making some form of artwork since I had the dexterity to do so and I took any art class i could get my hands on. I loved helping my mom in the kitchen and pretty quickly started cooking on my own, and even sold baked goods at school to pay for my prom dress. My interest in bodywork, though I had no idea that’s what it was called, started with walking on my dad’s back when he came home