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  • Jonah's Jonah: The Book Of Jonah

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    word in which best describe the story of Jonah. Though a exceedingly short book in the Bible, only 4 chapter long, Jonah in nonetheless a significant book in the Bible. We are not told much about the “prophet;” (if he can even be called that) but what we do know makes us question how and why he was chosen by God to deliver a very important message that literally had the fate of an entire city riding on its delivery. We can, however, conclude book of Jonah is most definitely written by a single author;

  • A Summary On Jonah : The Book Of Jonah

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    Jonah (The Book of) Jonah is a book of the Bible written by the Johan himself approximately 785-760 BC. (BibleGateway, n.d.) This book of the Bible has only four chapters in it and it is fixed in the Bible after the book of Obadiah and before Nahum. In the four short chapters for this book of the Bible Johan goes from turning his back on the Lord, going back to the Lord, the once again questioning the Lord. The first chapter shows Jonah’s defiance of the Lord. The Lord asked Jonah to go Nineveh

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    It is thought that Jonah, the fifth of the Minor Prophets, lived during the reign of Jeroboam II, when the kingdom was divided. (Lockyer, 198) Although the Book of Jonah is quite short, just two and one-half pages, it is not short on themes. Because there are so many themes it is hard to classify or to determine its primary message. (Anchor 936 and New Interpreter's 490) These themes range from running away, praying, second chances, anger, and God's compassion and mercy, to name a few. The

  • Analysis of the Book of Jonah Essay

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    moral concept, or used as a tool to teach a lesson. The Book of Jonah is an example that will be used to determine if this particular story describes an accurate recount of history, or if it teaches the readers a lesson. In the Book of Jonah, Jonah (the prophet) is instructed to go to a pagan city (Nineveh) to preach to the Ninevites, hoping that they will repent for their sins. However, he challenges God and travels to Tarshish instead. Jonah receives consequences for his actions and Nineveh is eventually

  • The Book Of Jonah

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    I choose Jonah, especially chapter 4, to make a response paper from the twelve prophets because Jonah has unique characters. Most prophets ordinarily show that they just follow God and speak for God, but Jonah does not do that. He is the prophet of God, yet he attempts to walk on different way with God. God Wants to Save Enemy The storyteller of Jonah introduces God’s words for Jonah to deliver God’s message to make Nineveh repent their sin. However, Jonah disobeys God, fleeing to Tarshish as

  • Book Of Jonah

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    The book of Jonah is a Prophetic oracle. It can also be classified as narrative history. This book is believed to have been written by Jonah around 785-760 B.C just before Israel was conquered by the Assyria .Some of the key personalities in this book include Jonah, the people of Nineveh, the ship’s captain and crew. The main purpose of this book is to demonstrate God’s mercy and grace to mankind. The people of Nineveh were wicked and deserved God’s anger. However, God was patient and tolerant with

  • Jonah: The Purpose For The Book Of Jonah

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    will argue that a purpose for the book of Jonah being written is to teach us that knowledge does not equal understanding. This means that although one can be quite knowledgable about God and His Word, in acquiring this they can also loose their humility and forget their tendency to error. This can mean that those who have no concept of right and wrong are much more willing to admit an error when it is pointed out. My first point is the lack of repentance from Jonah contrasted to the repentance of the

  • Differences Of God's Desires In Genesis And The Book Of Genesis

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    In the Book of Genesis and the Book of Jonah, God reveals His desires for His people and expects obedience. These desires involve fulfilling His plan which includes, living in community, behaving peacefully, obeying and respecting Him, and repenting of sins. God makes His desires known, and in turn, His people obey and disobey these desires. More specifically, examples of this arise in the stories pertaining to Adam and Eve, Noah, Cain and Abel, and Jonah and the people of Nineveh. Noah as well as

  • Jonah Quotes From 12 Unlikely Heroes

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    placed before Him. In the book Twelve Unlikely Heroes, John MacArthur retells the story of Jonah and explains how God used him to deliver the Ninevites, regardless of his prejudices against them. Jonah’s story conveys three important lessons about God, but there are other remarkable biblical characters which contribute to those lessons as well. The first lesson that the story of Jonah accentuates is that “God is the sovereign Creator,” which is a lesson that can

  • Book Of Jonah Essay

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    the book of Jonah we see the vast amount of tension between both God and Jonah. He is one of the prophets who also believes in tolerance of non-Jews opposite to Ezra’s and Nehemiah’s stress of an unadulterated blood race of Jews under a restrictive Jewish God. Jonah is one of a vast line of important people in the bible who argues with God. As you see in past books of the bible everyone has stood their own against the Lord. Jonah though decides to try and run from God. The Lord called to Jonah and