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  • Taking a Loot at the Urease Enzyme

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    Introduction to Urease Enzyme: Urease is an enzyme which catalyzes the hydrolysis of Urea into ammonia and carbamate; on later stage carbamate spontaneously yield carbonic acid and one more molecule of ammonia. Urease enzymes are included in super family of amidohydrolases and phosphotriestreases. It required binding of two nickel ions for its proper activity therefore known as Nickel dependent Metalloenzyme. (NH2)2CO +H2O → NH3 + NH2COOH NH2COOH +H2O → H2CO3 + NH3 Figure 1: Hydrolysis

  • Factors that Affect the Activity of Urease Essay example

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    Factors that Affect the Activity of Urease Aim: To investigate closely the factors that can affect the activity of urease. The effect of concentration and temperature can be studied over a period of time leading to the order and activation enthalpy of the reaction. Introduction: UREASE (NH 2 ) 2 CO + 3H 2 O ----------> 2NH 3 (aq) + CO 2 (g) Urease is an enzyme found in microorganisms, invertebrates, and higher plants. It

  • Identifying And Identify Two Unknown Bacteria From A Mixed Culture

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    For many years the identification of microorganisms has been important in the world of medicine. It is essential or correct disease diagnosis in patients and for proper treatment. Knowing the correct identity and characteristics of microorganism is crucial when disease outbreaks occur in populations, also knowing how humans can benefit from microorganisms is important; many can be used in making certain foods or antibiotics. The purpose of this study project was to carefully isolate and identify

  • Microbiology: Microorganisms That Co-exist With Life on Earth

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    iodine, Gram’s Decolorizer, Safranin Counterstain Purple circles, clustered in tetrads + Gram positive cocci Methyl Red Detect mixed acid fermentation MR-VP broth, Methyl Red reagent No change in color - Non-fermenter Urea hydrolysis Detects enzyme urease Urea broth Yellow color - Does not metabolize urea Figure 2. Unknown Organism #3 Gram Stain Gram (+) Rod Gram (-) Rod Gram

  • Essay about Applying the Methyl Red (MR) Test

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    Once the Urea broth was inoculated, I let it incubate for 24 hours in the 37°C hot room. After the 24-hour incubation, I viewed the broth for any color change that would indicate the production of Urease. The final test performed was the Gelatin test. The Gelatin medium is composed of gelatin, peptone, and beef extract (Stout et al, 44). To perform the Gelatin test, I used the stabbing technique to inoculate the Gelatin media. I sterilized the stabbing

  • The Laboratory Without Contamination Is Essential For The Study And Classifications Of The Unknown Bacterial Culture

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    Introduction The ability to cultivate and identify organisms of interest in the laboratory without contamination is essential for the study and classifications of many life forms. Different techniques were used to differentiate the organisms. This process of transferring a microbe from one medium to the next is called inoculating. The organism chosen in class will be used to construct further testing. The purpose of this lab experiment was to find the identity of the unknown bacterial culture and

  • Hydrolysis Report

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    Hydrolysis Report Bile Esculin Hydrolysis, Starch Hydrolysis, UreaHydrolysis, Casein Hydrolysis Hydrolysis Report Introduction Hydrolysis is a chemical reaction that uses water to split complex molecules. The water molecule H2O is split in the mechanism of hydrolysis, hydrogen cations and hydroxide anions. When the enzyme catalyzes its reaction inside the cell, it is referred to as intracellular hydrolases. When the enzymes secreted from the organism to catalyze reactions outside the cell, it

  • The Resistance Of Unknown Microorganisms

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    Determination of Unknown Microorganisms Unknown Numbers 1 & 2 Justin Lucas MCB3020L 10561- M/W: 2-4pm April 21, 2015 Introduction Microorganisms are ubiquitous and play a large role in the environment. Microorganisms help some other organism in symbiotic relationships and they can also harm other organisms by causing them disease. Tests have been developed to help determine the characteristics of many microbes so that their special capabilities can be utilized for benefit. While these tests

  • Urea Determination Lab Report

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    pharmaceutical formulations, urine sample, sea water samples. The proposed amperometric method has been validated by using inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) [29-30]. 2. Experimental 2.1. Materials and chemicals Urea (99%), urease was purchased from Pathozyme, India. polyaniline and polypyrrole purchased from Sigma Aldrich. Graphite fine powder extra pure (particle size 240×10-6 m) obtained from Loba chemie Pvt. Ltd. India, Paraffin liquid heavy or mineral oil (viscosity at

  • Gram Staining Procedure

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    Staining of bacteria forms the foremost and the most important step in the identification of bacteria. Gram staining: differentiates bacteria into two types Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria Gram positive bacteria can be either cocci or bacilli or vibrios. Gram negative bacteria can be either cocci or bacilli. Motility testing Motility testing is performed by preparing a wet mount and is then observed under the microscope. Biochemical tests The staining will be followed by use of various