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  • Analysis Of In Bruges And The Crying Game

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    each of the main characters make that ultimately lead to moral dilemmas. This essay will also explore supplementary themes such as conflict, redemption and forgiveness. In Bruges follows two Irish hitmen, Ray (Colin Farrell) and Ken Daley (Brendan Gleeson). After a completely botched job they performed in London, they are ordered by their boss, Harry Waters (Ralph Fiennes) to hide out in Bruges and wait for further instructions. Although Ken is fascinated by the city’s architecture and history

  • The Sapphires By Wayne Blair Essay

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    ‘The Sapphires’ by Wayne Blair was the trigger that led my research into the effects of the Stolen Generation on Aboriginals in Australia. This film is about an Aboriginal singing group who want to make a name for themselves, but find it difficult because of the racism against them. This film also tells the stories of their cousin Kay, who was a half-caste and was stolen from her Aboriginal family at a young age to be taught the ways of white people, and forget her culture. This film made me realise

  • Distinctive Voices Essay Plan

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    Question: Interesting views on society are conveyed through distinctive voices. Question: Interesting views on society are conveyed through distinctive voices. People in society can have interesting views on issues around the world, these views on society are best conveyed through distinctive voices as it evokes feelings from the listener and allows them to relate to the situation through their own personal experiences. People in society can have interesting views on issues around the world, these

  • Stolen Generation Essay

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    The "Stolen Generation" was a group of tragic people in Australian history, they are the victims of the "White Australian policy" pursued by the Australian government at the beginning of the 20th century. The apology to the Stolen Generations was the first conducted in Parliament by Kevin Rudd and it established a path to resolving the historical injustice which was fully controlled by the government (Reilly, 2009). This paper will reflect on my experience of the lecture from Ivan Clarke on the Stolen

  • Kevin Rudd's Speech In The Stolen Generation

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    In February of 2008, on behalf of The Australian Parliament, Prime Minister of the time, Kevin Rudd, presented a speech directed towards “the Stolen Generation”. This extract addresses the horrific losses that the Indigenous community has endured in the recent past, acknowledging the mistreatment and offering stories of the abuse. In the context of an influential speech, the correct use of language is essential. When attempting to persuade listeners to agree with them, speakers must use a particular

  • Assassin's Creed Comparison

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    Fans of the successful video game Assassin's Creed are understandably excited for the upcoming film adaptation, which will not only star critically acclaimed actor Michael Fassbender, but will also be produced by the X-Men: Apocalypse star. Although not much is known about the lead character Callum Lynch, Fassbender recently opened out about his mysterious role. The Shame actor shared a few details about Callum with GeekTyrant, and admitted that the character has had a difficult past even before

  • Closing the Gap between Disabled and Nondisabled Essay

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    Closing the Gap between Disabled and Nondisabled The democratic ideals that the United States were built upon are freedom and equality; it is in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and used as a defense when a person can think of nothing snappy to say (i.e. "It's a free country!"). However, while American culture is based on the notion that you have the power and ability to become anyone or achieve anything, it is painfully obvious to people with disabilities that government

  • Moby Dick : The Greatest Book Ever Written By Herman Melville

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    Pollard, Jr. (Benjamin Walker). And, despite his reluctance, Chase agrees to be Pollard’s first officer, aboard the Essex – which sets out to collect a thousand barrels of whale oil. Reliving the events is an elder seaman, Thomas Nickerson (Brendan Gleeson) – who is paid by a novelist, Herman Melville (Ben Whishaw), for his reluctant story. As a boy, Thomas (Tom Holland), recounts the strained relationship between Chase and Captain Pollard, although both men agree to carry out their mission – in

  • Film Review : Braveheart And The Cat In The Hat

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    concluded that the best film I’ve ever seen was Braveheart. The film was directed by the iconic Mel Gibson, who also plays the leading role of the legendary thirteenth century Scottish hero William Wallace, alongside the talented Sophie Marceau and Brendan Gleeson. In the film, after suffering both treachery and personal tragedy at the hands of English soldiers, Wallace rallies the Scottish against the monarch

  • The Heart Of The Sea

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    would have preferred to see the movie Moby Dick instead of its inspiration. We start the story with Herman Melville the author of Moby Dick played by Ben Whishaw (Skyfall, Cloud Atlas, Stoned) as he makes his way to the home of Tom Nickerson; Brendan Gleeson (The Company you Keep, Edge of Tomorrow, Green Zone) who is now the last living survivor of the Essex. Mr. Nickerson, nor any of the other survivors for that matter, has never told the events that happened while stranded out on sea and with good