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  • Summary OfFranciscan Missions In Alta California

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    • In the introduction, the author wrote that California was a happy place which was not true. The article Franciscan Missions in Alta California, explains that the missionaries brought hardships to the people of California killing thousands of people by the mission system. The Spaniards brought diseases and drastic lifestyle changes that decreased the number of Native people. • The author mentions that hostile Indians made travel dangerous, except for the brave and well-armed. Yet, the Natives would

  • Native Americans in California Missions

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    Native Americans in California Missions Spanish wanted to colonize some of America, just like the Europeans. Building religious based Missions all throughout California was a way for them to maintain ultimate social, political, and economic control. Spanish explorers arrived on the border of California during the 16th century. The very first Franciscan mission was built in San Diego during 1769. By 1833, twenty two Spanish Missions existed from Southern California to Northern California. Native Americans

  • Essay about California Missions – Monuments or Tombstones?

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    California Missions – Monuments or Tombstones? Most Californians are introduced to the California Mission system in one of two ways: in their early education, or when they first visit a mission. Unfortunately, both methods are prone to simplification or bias in conveying the history of the missions. What this has led to is Californians who are ignorant of the history of the land they walk on. Consequently, visitors to the missions treat them as mere tourist attractions, instead of trying to

  • The California Missions

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    Securing Land; California Missions exhibit at the California Museum. We all know as Californians the historical significance the missions have had in California’s history. I will analyze the event through my own personal experience and through aspects pertaining to religious studies. The California Missions exhibit displays the motivations behind the missions, the impact on the native people through religious leaders’ expectations and cross-cultural clash. Although the California Missions exhibit is

  • California Indians Mission

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    dehumanizing way of belief and the drive to truly “save” the “Indians”, is what sparked the foundation of the California mission system. In today’s society the missions are something to be admired and awed because American’s dark past is hidden and often unheard of. Many grade school children often visit missions and will never know the untold stories that were truly occurring within the mission. in this paper I will bring some light to that. In this paper I will discuss the abundance of deaths due to

  • I Visited The San Fernando Mission

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    12/08/16 Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana I visited the San Fernando mission on Nov 29, 2016 .The visit to the mission was one of the best experiences that I encountered. It was an exposure to a lot of details and helped me understand and reconnect with the past historical events and moments that we were studying throughout the semester. The San Fernando mission was the 17th mission founded by father juniper Serra. It was built to fill the gap between the mission San Buenaventura and the mission San

  • New Europe : The Expansion Of The New World

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    During the thirteenth century, Europe was a completely different scenario than what it is now, many countries were looking into how to expand outside of their immediate territories. The new world became a phenomena and a future reality for Europe because of the hard work of many different people. It became possible to explore the new world because of people like Vasco de Gama, and Prince Henry the Navigator who both worked on making it possible to get outside of Europe (Torrecilla). As soon as there

  • Summary Of Colonialism In 'Bad Indians' Is Novena To Bad Indians?

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    Colonialism has a historical context that has long obscured and distorted the experiences of indigenous people, particularly those who endured the brutalities of the California Missions. Although indigenous people are portrayed in history as docile people, who openly embraced invasion, Deborah Miranda dismantles this depiction in her memoir, Bad Indians: A Tribal Memoir, through two stories called “Dear Vicenta” and “Novena to Bad Indians”. Throughout the stories run various narratives of survival

  • `` Bad Indians `` By Deborah Miranda

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    the history of conquest throughout the lives of California Mission Indians. The California Mission Indian’s first account of colonial violence was physical violence through corporal punishment. Miranda provides evidence to expose corporal punishment with the use of descriptions and pictures

  • Summary: The Local Control Accountability Plan

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    integral part of Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and in California it has been the golden ticket for many districts. In 2013 Governor Jerry Brown signed LCFF into law changing not only how schools are funded, but it is also leveling the playing field in California’s Public Schools by giving students in lower socio-economic areas equal access while holding schools accountable by assuring that they perform and show growth annually. California is in the 3rd year of the LCFF. In the El Monte Union High