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  • Multiverse ♥

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    Maybe In Another Universe, I Deserve You Gaby Dunn What if, in another universe, I deserve you? Hear me out. There’s this philosopher from the 1890s named William James, and he coined this theory about “the multiverse” which suggests that a hypothetical set of multiple universes comprises everything that can possibly exist simultaneously. Are you following? The entirety of space, time, matter and energy is all happening at once in different timelines: It’s the idea of parallel universes. Right

  • Themes in Mircea Eliade's "The Sacred and the Profane"

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    desire to associate itself with the sacred has been occuring for thousands of years. From temples to passages of intiation, religious man is a unique microcosm that follows and repeats the structure of the religious macrocosm, the creation of the cosmos. One can conclude that Eliade views religion as the “paradigmatic solution for every existential crisis.” (p210) and

  • Timmy Turner Short Story

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    One early morning Cosmo Cosma walked outside into the damp, foggy air, where he had noticed his basketball idol, Timmy Turner, appeared out of the misty, white fog. His favorite player in the world just appeared, and Cosmo was mystified by his vision. Cosmo had started trudging towards Timmy because he heard his voice calling him in a captivating tone, and once he had begun his process towards Timmy, his idol gradually begun to evaporate into mid air. When Cosmo had seen the development begin he

  • Society Reflection Paper

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    Now that the different facets of the multiverse theory have been explained, what about society’s reaction? My hypothesis is that society will freak out and eventually progress into a nihilistic and existential society. Inevitably, there will also be individuals who react differently. I believe society’s reaction will mirror that of what happened when Charles Darwin proposed his theory of evolution. Because society went haywire when their view of the world was changed, no doubt society will react

  • A Comparison Of Creation In Genesis 1

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    The Bible has two accounts of creation the first centeres in Genesis 1, which is a very linear 7-day timeline. Compared to the second creation story in Genesis 2, which is a much more literary focused story, with characters that possess story arcs that can be interpreted. God comes alive in this story and there are themes and motifs that are being wrestled with by the writer and reader. Similarly, the story of the Enuma Elish follows a story filled with characters and results is the creation of humans

  • Cosmogony : The Creation Of The Norse Creation Myth

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    this process, the first woman and man were created named Embla and Ask who were formed from tree trunks. The two created a fence name Midgard to keep them away from the other giants who could harm them (McCoy, Daniel). Consequently, cycle of the cosmos originated. Norse creation mythology is full of dark chaos, murder, and transition. A major cultural belief in Norse myth is that creation cannot happen without any outside influences. It can be noted that life depends on what has already died

  • Analysis Of Crossing The Swamp By Mary Oliver

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    physically represent something in her life that is preventing her from being the person she aspires. Comparing it to an “Endless,/ wet thick/ cosmos,” implies that the swamp is something more than just a swamp (Oliver 1-3). The use of the word cosmos instead of saying the actual word swamp means that the swamp is being used as something beyond its basic definition. Cosmos is a word typically associated with an endless expanse of space, leading one to believe that the swamp is a concept rather than a physical

  • Cosmos: A Hero's Journey

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    Cosmos was always different from the rest of the people, she alway wonder what was out there and seeked to travel everywhere and adventure out, but in her small plant with her very strict parents there wasn't much to do. She was rebellious though and her and her best friend Venus would alway seeks out and discover new things. Thought Cosmos was adventures she was no hero or at least she thought she wasn't. The call for hero came to Cosmos when her plant was destroyed by eclypsia a evil ruler who

  • Analysis Of The Book ' Paradise Bay ' By John Eaton

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    story that has a substantial amount of action and emotional content. This novel is definitely not a boring book. It has short chapters and is a good, interesting read right to the end. This book is about a young boy named Nathan That goes on a family camping trip to a place could paradise bay, while they are there they are faced with some critical situations, valuable lessons, and some harsh conditions. In paradise bay they had a sticky situation which occurred because of a couple events which kept escalating

  • The Long History Of Summer Camp

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    The words “summer camp” conjure up fond memories of campfires, s’mores, pranks, and color war for many Americans. What appeals to many campers, or prospective campers, is the keeping of tradition. Many campers can trace back their relatives who attended the very same camp, and find delight in the idea of shared experiences with their close, or distant, relatives. The long history of summer camps in America stems from an annual trip William Frederick Gunn began to take in 1861 in order to expose