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  • Job Description And Job Requirements For Hotel Reservation Staff

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    decent knowledge of each type of room the hotel offers to make accurate reservations for guests. Must be able to upsell to ensure guests have an unforgettable stay. Must communicate reservations to the front desk in an orderly fashion. Must be able to keep track of future room availability based on past reservations. Must uphold a neat and orderly work environment that is hospitable to guests (Job Description for Reservation Agent). Minimum Qualifications: Education: High school graduate or equivalent

  • Indigenous Peoples Of Native Americans

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    “There does not seem to be one definitive definition of indigenous people, but generally indigenous people are those that have historically belonged to a particular region or country, before its colonization or transformation into a nation state, and may have different—often unique—cultural, linguistic, traditional, and other characteristics to those of the dominant culture of that region or state” (Rights) The land to Native Americans is a very sacred object. To us, as nonnative individuals, we

  • Summary Of The Joy Of Reading Superman And Me

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    “What was it? Who were they? Where are they now? Do they exist?” wonders the writer Sherman Alexie if the Native American reservation school system ever exposed him to the concept of creative writing or writers. In his essay, “The Joy of Reading: Superman and Me,” he describes how notions such as creative writing and reading high-level texts were considered “beyond Indians.” To combat such unwarranted profiling, he reminds young Native Americans of the importance of resisting negative stereotypes

  • The Smoke Signals By Chris Eyre

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    Smoke Signals, released in 1998, is a classic film that provides insight to the lives of Native Americans living on reservations. There are very few films that attempt to portray Native Americans at all, yet alone in a respectful manner. The characters are all played by genuine Native American actors including: Adam Beach, Evan Adams, Irene Bedard, Gary Farmer, and Tantoo Cardinal. Additionally, it is directed by Chris Eyre, another Native American. This film tries to overcome stereotypes of

  • Business Is Steady And The Average Occupancy

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    losing a lot of last minute reservations to third party and losing the booking. The current PMS the hotel is using Uni-res. The reason we persuaded the property it should change its PMS is because of a lack of flexibility in adjusting room rates at the last minute. It is too time consuming to change rates in Uni-res when the hotel wants drop rates at the last minute.

  • Catherine A. Lutz - Unnatural Emotions Essay

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    ”Yes, it’s only Reservation Blues but I like it:” On the Connection between Christian and Native Religions One of the most interesting aspects of the anthropological study of Catherine A. Lutz, entitled Unnatural Emotions, is that the author applies the same sort of intense self-examination to her own project as an anthropologist amongst the Ifaluk as she does to the Ifaluk themselves. Every individual at some point in his or her own life has been confronted with the surprise, after all, that someone

  • The Indian Reservation System

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    An Indian Reservation is a legal territory managed by a certain Native American tribe given to them, with only partial sovereignty, by the United States government. Only 326 of the country’s 567 recognized tribes were granted land, but even the land they were granted is not sufficient enough to support a sustainable lifestyle. With no rights to their land, no sense of home, and a rapidly dying culture, native americans have been dealt with in the worst ways possible after their own massacre and consistently

  • What Is the Relationship of Indian Tribes to Their Environment, and How Is It Changed?

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    grass dies. We leave it up to the drought; he’ll cut down on cattle. We didn’t get rid of cattle just because someone told us to… we took our chances with the rain… if cattle are going to die, let them die. But they will die right here on their reservation. Right here in their own country.” Peter Blaine Sr., a Tohono O’odham assistant in the 1930s. Since the 1940s, Western tribes and rural communities have been dealing with problems of overgrazing and erosion, invasive noxious plants, high reclamation

  • Themes Of The Absolute True Diary Of A Part Time Indian

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    novel is initially set on a Spokane Reservation located in Wellpinit Washington. The Spokane tribe used to span over three million acres of land along the Spokane river and retained a rich culture (“United States History”). The tribe was separated into three bands: The upper, middle, and lower Spokane, which are now joined in one single tribal group (“About Spokane Tribe”). It was not until 1881 that President Rutherford B. Hays allocated a smaller reservation of land for the tribe. Approximately

  • Summary Of The Joy Of Reading And Writing Superman And Me

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    Joy of Reading and Writing; Superman and Me." Los Angeles Times, Apr 19, 1998, pp. 54, ProQuest Central, http:// ezproxy.franklinpierce.edu/login?url=https://search.proquest.com/docview/ 421386805?accountid=37705. In his narrative "The Joy of Reading and Writing; Superman and Me”, Sherman Alexie aims to explore the terrible school conditions Indian students face on poor Indian reservations. Alexie taught himself to read at a young age and became a skilled reader and writer because of this