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  • The Species Of The Snakehead Species

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    The snakehead species is a group of predatory freshwater fishes belonging to the family Channidae. Within this family, there are two genuses of fish, Parachanna from the African continent and Channa from the Asian continent. Together they comprise the 28 known species of snakeheads. Five of the 28 species are considered large fish, six are considered dwarf species, and the other seventeen are considered medium sized fish. All of the three species discussed in this paper are in the genus Channa

  • The Spread And Continued Reproduction Of The Northern Snakehead

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    The Problem Domain The spread and continued reproduction of the Northern Snakehead in the Potomac river has been and will continue to be a threat to the integrity of the local ecosystem. The Northern Snakehead is causing a disturbance in the local ecosystem. These fish need to either be removed from the ecosystem or their spread halted. Since their discovery in Crofton, Maryland, drastic measures have been taken in the past to rapidly eradicate this species regardless of lasting effects. Most of