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  • The Use Of Panorama Through History And How It Has Developed

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    Panoramic images have been an idea that has dated back to the beginning of human history, through forms like the Boa tapestry and other paintings that captured the ideas of extended view and openness that a normal image can’t do. However more recently this idea has been used creatively to form 360 otherworldly images. In this project I plan on exploring the use of panorama through history and how it has developed to form more interesting ideas. When you look at a panoramic picture you get a sense

  • How Fashion Photography Has Changed Throughout The Years

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    how fashion photography has evolved throughout the decades. Some of the subjects I am going to discuss are; the beginnings of fashion photography, the different styles of fashion photography, and fashion magazines. Fashion photography is a genre of photography in which clothing and other material garments are photographed for the purpose of displaying in a fashion magazine or for the use in an advertisement. This style of photography has been around since the early days of photography itself, however

  • Jazz Influence On Pop Culture

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    MUSIC - Jazz was popular genre of music during the Roaring 20s, The Jazz Age was popular in the United States and ended with the Great Depression. Jazz is still enjoyed today by different age groups but slightly less. The genre also influence on the modern pop culture today. In today’s society, pop music is much more influential than jazz. Due to the easily accessible technology such as phones, radios, or televisions that only feature mainstream pop music and less of other genres. Also, mostly teenagers

  • Worksheet In The Style Of Photography

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    onwards, I wanted to mainly focus my project on an earlier genre of photography to present different techniques and styles of photography at this time. For this body of work I researched photographers from the early 1930’s as I was interested in the edgy and contextual background of the work and photographer produced throughout this era. For this project I wanted to look at something different that is taken away from typical photography that I focus on now, and to set my work like the year I have

  • Gay, Gay And Lesbian

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    One of the latest genres of the visual arts, photography has had a close association with gay and lesbian culture since its establishment in the nineteenth century. Queer by definition means strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint; unusually different. But then again as a slang word in the LGBT community it means homosexual or noting or relating to a person who does not conform to a normative sexual orientation or gender identity. The concept of gay photography is enigmatic. While a person

  • Photographic Photography : Photography As A Movement

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    Landscape photography used the same principles as painters in order to create pieces of art. Before the 18th Century, artists used landscapes as backdrops and as a frame for the principal subject. Towards the later part of the century, however, artists such as Nicolas Poussin started to romanticize the environment, instead using it as a principle subject in paintings. Initially the medium of photography was used to document the environment. After a steady progression, pictorial photography as a movement

  • How The Signs That Can Be Present Within These Phenomena

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    Photography in itself, is a means of communication, it can be used in a variety of ways in order to narrate the world around us [Campbell, D (2010)]. As a species, humanity itself has proven to be visual beings, creating pictures across a variety of mediums in order to express ourselves and represent what is happening in the world around us. Images, whether they be paintings, drawings, or photographs, have played and continue to play a very important part in our society, as everyone is able to understand

  • Should Photojournalism or Documentary Photography Be Considred Art?

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    expressed this sentiment, summarizing the role photography had on America in the 1940’s and 50’s. During this era, photojournalism climaxed, causing photographers to join the bandwagon or react against it. The question of whether photography can be art was settled a long time ago. Most major museums now have photography departments, and the photographs procure pretty hefty prices. The question of whether photojournalism or documentary photography can be art is now the question at hand. Art collectors

  • How Did Photography Influenced The History And The Development Of Contemporary Painting?

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    To what extent has photography influenced the history and the development of contemporary painting?   Contents Abstract Page 3 Introduction Page 4 History of Photography in relations to Painting Page 5 Influence of Photography on Andy Warhol’s Paintings Page 9 Page 1 Page 1 Influence of Photography on Gerhard Richter’s Paintings Page 1 Page 1 Page 1 Influence of Photography on Luc Tuymans’ Paintings Page 1 Page 1 Page 1 Conclusion Page 1 Abstract – Cornelis Le Mair Throughout my time

  • Critical Reflection On Photography

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    Critical Reflection Intentions My genre of work is a mixture of sports photography and fashion photography, the reason for this is because sports photography focuses on the drama and action in sports, this contrasts with fashion photography as the photos mainly focuses on things such as clothing and makeup. The reasons i chose this type of photography was because the conventions of sports photography is dramatic, captured action and fashion photography is very over the top and colourful. I wanted