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  • A Summary Of The Cherokee Tribe

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    History of Traditions Overdriving Biological Patterns The Cherokee Tribe is among the more popularly known Native American tribes in the United States. They are mainly remembered for their fight against the U.S. government and the Supreme Court and their forced migration in the Trail of Tears. However, as mentioned by North Carolina Digital History and Robert Conley, because of their written language, many of their traditions and history is well known and taught in schools as an example of Native

  • The Cherokee Tribe

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    The Cherokee tribe is known as one of the earliest and largest Indian tribe in North America. They are federally recognized even today among several states(museum). While they slowly became Americanized by the Europeans who came over to America, some still practice their typical Indian rituals publicly today. Most converted to Christianity and their government in Oklahoma is based off the American government with three branches. One would believe that the Trail of Tears could have completely vanquished

  • Cherokee Tribe Case Study

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    the Cherokee Tribe Student Name: Joseph Kroon EID: jak3669 Student Name: Gabriela Longoria EID: gll473 Student Name: Kacie Petrequin EID: kap3254 Student Name: Alize Hassan EID: ah45488 Student Name: Ryan Keyho EID: rk22897 Student Name: Emily Zhang EID: ecz229 1. Name of Underrepresented and Marginalized Culture Receiving Intervention: The Cherokee Indians 2. Title of the Intervention: Reducing the Prevalence of Obesity and Diabetes in the Cherokee Tribe

  • Cherokee Tribe History

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    Cherokee Indians was a powerful detached tribe of the inroquoian family they were under formerly holding the whole mountain region. ln the southwest Virginia in the western North Carolina, and South Carolina, north Georgia, East Tennessee, and northeast Alabama, and they caiming even to the Ohio river.the Cherokee nation from its earliest appearance in historical records was in 1540. The Cherokee Indians tribe has existed for over 200 years that full Blood bilingual leaders occuply the top positions

  • Cherokee Tribe Essay

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    known today as the Cherokee consists of three groups which derive from the same original tribes. The Cherokee or Oklahoma, The eastern band of Cherokee Indians and United Keetoowah Band of Cherokees. However as of today the only organization that recognizes every individual group are the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs). Amongst the tribe’s strides have been taken to preserve the heritage and economic wellbeing of elders and new generations. Tensions between the Oklahoma tribes and United Keetoowah

  • Cherokee Tribe

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    The U.S. Soldiers eagerly came to our territory. The U.S. Soldiers went to the Cherokee leaders and use force to hold them down with guns.At this point everyone knew that something was wrong. More U.S. Soldier started to come and were holding many Cherokee down. I saw that some of the soldiers were hitting people with their guns and shooting them. A soldier's saw me and started to chase me. I tried to run away from him and going into the forest because it will be harder for him to look for me. I

  • The Cherokee Indian Tribe

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    The Cherokee Indian Tribe American Indian tribes have flourished in America before the Europeans made the initial discovery of this free land. The Cherokees were one of the first Indian tribes recognized in the new world. They began their foundations around 8000 B.C. in North Carolina. Consisting of nearly 300,000 tribe members, this tribe is still flourishing all around the world today. The Cherokees were one of the five largest Indian tribes. This tribe came from the Iroquoian descent. Iroquoian

  • Research Paper On Cherokee Tribe

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    Cherokee Tribe To begin with, the name “Cherokee” comes from a Muskogee word which means “speakers of another language”. The Cherokee also considered themselves as the Aniyunwiya. Also, most of all the Indians got sent to Oklahoma. Cherokee is not just a tribe name it also stands for a language. There was a writing system that was invented by a Cherokee person. These are some facts about the word Cherokee and what is symbolized. To continue, the Cherokee mostly originated

  • The Four Components Of The Cherokee Tribe

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    The Cherokee tribe is a profoundly recognized tribe in Northern America. According to the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau there are 284,247 Cherokee citizens in the United States, making the Cherokee tribe one of the largest populated tribes in the United States (17). The Cherokee tribes first contact with English settlers during the late seventeenth century (Anderson and Wetmore). Settler colonialism greatly impacted the traditions and lives of many tribes in North America. This essay will describe how

  • The Cherokee Native American Tribe

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    American Literature Period 8 2 April 2017 The Cherokee Native American Tribe The Cherokee are considered one of the most advanced Native American tribes culturally and socially. The Cherokee tribe originated from several different regions in the United States including: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama. The Cherokee lived in villages like most Native American Tribes. Each village housed four hundred to five hundred Cherokee people. There were two different villages that