Chicago River

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  • My Visit To The Chicago River

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    Chicago is one of the few cities around the world that incorporates nature to its rich history of architecture fleets, which makes it a unique city. There are many magnificent architectural styles around the city, but we mainly focused on the Art Deco style. This trip truly incorporates a better understanding of how nature and Art Deco buildings around the Chicago land area tend to create a wonderful experience for the public. On this trip, I visited the Chicago River, NBC Tower, The 333 N Michigan

  • Chicago River Research Paper

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    The Chicago River was settled by Native American tribes and they were the first to discover the portage between the Chicago River and Des Plaines River. The portage of the river is a valuable to Europeans since it is linked to the Great Lakes with the Mississippi that is a good way to export and import goods and the shipbuilding industry. The river has been reversed in 1889 by the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal to keep the sewage clean and flushing filthy water into Lake Michigan due to the waterborne

  • Essay on Trump Hotel and Tower Chicago

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    With Trumps decision to build a new skyscraper in Chicago, architectural company Skidmore, Owings and Merrill had their work cut out for them. They needed to design a building that matched the expectations of not only Donald Trump but also the city of Chicago. Trump International Hotel and Tower forever changed the Chicago skyline. Trump Tower was the tallest building built in the United States since the Sears Tower also located in Chicago. This luxury building offers only the finest accommodations

  • Chicago Meatpacking History

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    southside Chicago. Before private stock yards were created, tavern owners provided land and care for cattle herds waiting to be sold. With the increasing service of railroads throughout the United States, small stockyards were created in and around the city of Chicago. Chicago became the largest railroad center in the world,

  • Hoyt Sector Model

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    The city that we modeled is Chicago, and what we noticed throughout our intense research was that Chicago most resembles the Sector Model. Hoyt’s Sector Model is an urban city model describing urban land uses and patterns. In this model, social classes are separated by a series of sectors and or wedges which originate from the core, the central business district, and in the case of Chicago, the ‘Chicago Loop’. The blah blah blah of Chicago has lead to the formation of these characteristics that so

  • Travel Chicago By Trolley Research Paper

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    Travel Chicago by Trolley: A New Way to See the Windy City Touring Chicago, a city sprinkled with towering skyscrapers, beautiful 20th century architecture and gorgeous parks can be difficult to navigate by foot. There is simply too much to see. Museums are scattered across Museum Campuses, Navy Pier shines brightly from River North and the popular shopping mecca Michigan Avenue is always cramped with Chicagoans and visitors alike. While are several ways to discover the beautiful city of Chicago, one

  • Influence Of Tourism On The Destination Being Advertised By Wendy Hesford And Brenda Brueggemann

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    destination as explained by Catherine Lutz and Jane Collins in "The Photograph as an Intersection of Gazes". Chicago, Illinois shamelessly uses these methods to highlight the art, landscape, and attractions of the city in their tourism advertisements and to detract from the issues with crime rates, safety, and poverty that are depicted in newspapers such as The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Reporter, and The New York Times. These sources as well as "Community characteristics and in-school criminal

  • The City Of Chicago City

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    Chicago was incorporated as a city in 1837, Chicago City is the third largest city in the United States, with three million populations. It’s located in the state of Illinois. It’s land area around two hundred and thirty-seven square miles, it has dozens of cultural institutions, historical sites and museums, more than two hundred theaters and two hundred art galleries, seventy-seven community area contains more than one hundred neighborhoods, fifteen bathing beaches. The City of Chicago occupying

  • Gke1 Task 4a

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    The First Industrial Revolution occurred from 1780-1850 and changed the way people lived and worked worldwide. New technologies and manufacturing processes were changing lives across the globe. These synergistic advances led to more developments and social consequences began to arise. The way people worked was changing as well as the way they would live. Urbanization was one significant social consequence that was caused by the First Industrial Revolution. Urbanization is the growth of a city, and

  • Cow Fire Research Paper

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    and knocked over and set the barn on fire. The fire start at 9:00pm the fire finally ended on Sunday evening the cause of this gigantic fire was the cow. The fire was terrible the fire spread from Chicago to Illinois the river caught on fire to. The fire was a horrific accident. The fire was in Chicago on 173 DeKoven Street this was a manmade disaster by something or someone tipping the lamp over. 300 people died, 100,000 people had to find new homes. The outcome was that millions of people’s