Child characters in written fiction

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  • Maturity In Tom Sawyer

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    Throughout multiple exciting adventures and dangerous explorations in the novel “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, we see Tom Sawyer mature. He matures through the love of Aunt Polly, Becky, Huck and other characters in the novel. In his search for treasure, Tom learns about personal accountability. Even in everyday life, we watch him develop from a boy into an adult. From a selfish young, mischievous lad, Tom becomes a sincere, kind and responsible young man. Before we continue, we should discuss

  • An Abundance of Katherines - Essay

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    An Abundance of Katherines In Relation with the Young Adult Fiction Genre Young adult fiction is a quickly developing genre of literature. The genre is typically marketed towards adolescents and young adults, however, it is enjoyed by a wide variety of people, including adults trying to experience youth again. Young adult fiction, also known as young adult literature, is written in a teenage language and writing style so the marketed readers can thoroughly understand it. The storyline is often full

  • Brooks And Mcnair (2009) Begin Their Essay By Pointing

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    begin their essay by pointing out that in children’s literature rarely are main characters African American and written by African American authors. Several African American authors were rejected by publishers because their work did not fit the publisher’s idea of what an African American family should look like. One unfortunate example of this is when a publisher wanted the father to be edited out of a story written by an African American. The author had to fight for the right to keep the father

  • Abduction

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    Abduction By Mia Christiansen 1) Abduction is a short story written by Shelagh Delaney in 2002. From the beginning the story takes place in Manchester, but the scene changes to Kensington in London and tells us about a woman named Ann, the main character. The title of the story Abduction describes the story very well. Ann “abducts” her younger brother, who has just left school to live with her in London. He was only 16 years old when Ann took him from their parents. She has high expectations

  • Analysis Of Tarzan Of The Apes

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    and keeping the audience’s imagination (Gioia, 2014; Bartlett, 2017). Although from humble beginnings published as a pulp fiction adventure, there is much debate over categorising Tarzan of the Apes into a specific genre, as some argue elements of romance and science fiction. This essay aims to assess the text to determine how it engages in its primary genre of adventure fiction, and how it may fit in and engage

  • Rita Garcia Characteristics

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    Have you ever met someone that had you not laid eyes on them, you would never have believed how old they might be? Well Rita Williams-Garcia is that person. With a bubbly, child-like personality, she gets over-joyed at the thought of a story idea, or learning new things. Ms. Williams draws you in to her world with her style of speaking and excitement with the simple things of literacy. Ahead of others her age, at the age of two, she had taught herself to read. She has a love for words and an appetite

  • William Shakespeare And Tolstoy 's War And Peace

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    The historical fiction genre is more popular than ever, with masses of television programmes, motion pictures and novels being written around the subject. This influx has brought a new reception to the many time periods of history that had otherwise been forgotten and abandoned, and also to many that are heavily documented but rarely looked upon. However, with the need for a fascinating story to sell to the audiences some of the historical fact is being obscured in the process, thus causing a lack

  • An Analysis Of Helen Garner 's ' Monkey Grip '

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    Helen Garner Helen Garner’s work has elements of both fiction and non-fiction. Her essays such as ‘ Against Embarrassment’ (2003) are written in a style that incorporates elements that are usually seen in novels while in her novel Monkey Grip (1977) is essentially re written version of her diary and as such questions weather real life can be written as fiction. I think that in today’s literary world the definition of fiction and non-fiction have become a little blurred. I believe that this is a

  • Essay Topic: Discuss Point of View as a Technique and Theme in ‘Atonement’.

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    points of view, known as , free indirect discourse, or variable internal focalisation, omniscient narration is used in fiction to create particular themes in such books as the 'Atonement' by Ian McEwan, Jane Austen and many other authors. Using these styles has been spoken of as heightened literary skills which delivers to the reader what the author desires to reveal of their characters. It is an advanced and old style that can be used to bring forth the many perceptions created by the writer. This essay

  • The Relations Between Art And Life Is Explored Throughout

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    life is explored throughout Martin McDonagh’s play, The Pillowman and Muriel Spark’s Loitering With Intent. They explore these relations through discussing the stylistic features of their characters and how these characters are perceived in real life. Both authors explore how the preconceived ideas of what a character should be is dismantled and the line which distinguishes between art and life is becoming less clear. Another way in which these authors explore the link between art and life is through