Christian Universalism

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  • The Doctrine Of Christian Universalism

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    The Doctrine of Christian Universalism Archie J. Spencer, Th.D THS 540: Introduction to Christian Theology Shahrzad Jamali ACTS Seminaries Fall 2017 Universalism is perhaps “the greatest unspoken premise of modern thought within the Christian church.” N.T wright The salvation of humankind has been always presented in 3 possible positions: 1) none will be saved, 2) some will be saved, or 3) all will be saved. The traditional Christian teaching has been always focused on the second position and

  • Parable Of The Prodigal Son

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    he parable of the “Prodigal Son” highlights a broken relationship between a son and a father that is eventually restored and therefore points to the relationship God desires with His children. The father had two sons, and the younger of the sons demanded his share of the property from his father and quickly escaped. In living a life focused on selfish desires and earthly wealth, the boy lost sustenance quickly after his resources were diminished. The son quickly realized that the father had given

  • Who Is Paul A Universalist?

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    To understand whether Paul was a universalist we must first define universalism. The Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms defines Universalism as: “The view that all persons will ultimately receive salvation from God”. Using this definition we must examine whether the bible verse quoted in the title implicates or absolves Paul as a universalist. It is near impossible to truly know someones theological opinion from one sentence, therefore we must also include the rest of Paul’s letter to the

  • Islam And Unitarian Universalism Are Completely Different Based On They Way The Religion

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    Under specific pretense, many believe that Islam and Unitarian Universalism are completely different based on they way the religion is structured. Unitarian Universalists believe that each individual is free to have his own beliefs in life. Muslims believe in following the path Allah has put them on, and wish to be guided correctly. In Unitarian Universalism, they believe that after death, no torment will come to them and their souls will be saved. However, they relate on the topics of the morals

  • The Unitarian Universalist Meeting House

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    On October 12th 2014 I ventured into the Unitarian Universalist meeting house, which is located at 501 South High Street in West Chester, PA. I was greeted at the door by openly gay Reverend Bill Zelazny, who was wearing a tallis-like prayer shawl which was a colorful tapestry with no discernable symbols on it. His head was uncovered. Reverend Bill was very welcoming and agreed to meet with me after the service, which I was invited to stay for. I had never been to a religious service in a denomination

  • Unitarian Universalism Experience Paper

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    There were no Bibles, but there were Unitarian hymnals on every chair which we sang from after the sermon. The songs sounded much like Christian hymnals but were very diverse in nature. The hymns were from various religions, but the words were not specific in belief, only uplifting and soothing. After the service people left or lingered like many churches. I went and explored the small courtyard

  • Essay about Unitarian Universalism

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    religious denomination of Unitarian Universalism. The faith of Unitarian Universalism was brought into existence upon the formation of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) from the merger of the two liberal Protestant denominations of Unitarianism and Universalism in Boston, Massachusetts in the year 1961. No single person may be claimed to as the founder of this faith. At the time of founding,

  • The Unitarian Universalist Of North America

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    Unitarian Universalist in North America was officially formed in 1961 by two separate religious groups from the early 1500’s. The American Unitarian Association and the Universalist Church of America joined together during the dawning years of the Christian Church in an effort to create one of the most liberal congregations known as the Unitarian Universalist. Even though Unitarianism has strong European connections, it is not a foreign import to North America. Its origins began in Puritan New England

  • What Do Benjamin Franklin?

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    Unitarianism originated in Poland, Transylvania and England, and then later developed in New England. Unitarians rejected the existence of the Holy Trinity and did not consider themselves a Christian denomination. Universalism formed after a divide between Baptist and Congregationalist churches that

  • A Small Universal Unitarian Church

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    The purpose of this ethnographic study is to provide a short description of a small Universal Unitarian Church located in Canandaguia New York. The Unitarian Universalist Church of Canandaguia was founded in the fall of 1991 by Reverends Carl and Maureen Thitchner. The co-ministers originated from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Amherst. After the steady growth of the Church they sought a larger facility in 1997. The Universal Unitarian tradition seeks to embrace many faiths and traditions