Overpopulation And Pollution For The City Of An Ideal City

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Today, the cities of this world are awesome, tall buildings, high rates of development and of course, the overpopulation and pollution. To combat this major issue in the modern world, we must put in a standardised city ‘template’ that cities must follow so that they are able to cope with the inevitable fact of evolution and the factors such as ‘global warming’ (true or not), overpopulation and pollution. The city, as described below, is an ideal city that this world needs to last.

To attain maximum efficiency and sustainability in the city, measure will be taken to ensure a long life for the city. Implementing a high levy on all petrol and diesel vehicles and lower ones on hybrid vehicles will retain the clean air of the city. Purchasing a full electric vehicle will see a 50% incentive to the buyer. There will be more than enough infrastructure to house the electric vehicles booming industry, including Continental’s All-New inroad wireless EV charging for charging while parked and emergency chargers placed around rural roads in cases of empty batteries. Infrastructure to accommodate Tesla’s Supercharging Network for long-range travel will be placed to boost people taking the eco-friendly option. There will be a Hyperloop in the ground to transport people throughout the city and to and from other cities. Power will come from eco-friendly sources such as wind turbines upon a hill and solar energy plants upon the fields. There will also be a large dam that the houses

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