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  • Questions On Clinical Decision Making

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    Clinical Decision Making This paper will write the story of JT, clinical patient of mine. The paper will document her account of our interactions using her eyes and voice. The story will include health assessment data, labs, and a physical assessment. Elements of JT’s journey will also include her culture, level of pain, spiritual and psychosocial stance and ethical issues that arose. The paper will then detail the patient decision making process and strategies in a systemic manner to analyze

  • Assignment On The Aspects Of Clinical Decision Making

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    Assignment #2 Clinical Decision Making According to Mary Gillespie nurses do range of thinking process before making a decision in the clinical settings. It is subjective and is made on the basis of data collected by various assessments (Gillespie M. , 2014). This assignment gave us opportunity to study and analyze a case study where we witnessed the effects of clinical decision making directly on a patient’s health. Through this case scenario we see the main factors that influenced Kathy’s clinical decision

  • Applying Clinical Decision Making in Adult Nursing Essay

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    Applying Clinical Decision Making In Adult Nursing Ahh2036-N This assignment will critically analyse and justify the decisions based around a fictitious patient using a clinical decision making framework highlighting its importance to nursing practice. The chosen model will demonstrate clinical decision making skills in the care planning process. The patient’s condition will be discussed in-depth explaining the pathophysiology, social, cultural and ethical issues where appropriate in the

  • Clinical Decision Making

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    extraordinary range of skills and talent in managing their clinical duty and responsibilities. Nurses are urged to deliver the highest achievable of quality care in a compassionate approach. In order to achieve these nurses need to access and evaluate extensive clinical information and integrate it to improve clinical decision making. Nurses are seen as lifelong learners, having the ability to reflect on, evaluate and modify their clinical practice based on new knowledge and thoughts. Nurses are advised

  • Effectiveness Of Clinical Decision Making

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    The effectiveness of clinical decision making is crucial in nursing practice to ensure positive outcome (Goodman, 2014). This essay will explore the clinical and decision making process in adult nursing by analysing how nursing practice is applied in decision making considering the individual needs of the patient. Ms LG is a 42 years old white British female with a history of dyspepsia, constipation, continuous poorly localized abdominal pain, bloating and history of vomiting (NA2010/3010). Ms LG

  • Clinical Decision Making : Clinical Judgment Essay

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    Clinical judgment Clinical judgment is the clinical reasoning, which includes clinical decision-making, critical thinking, and a global grasp of the situation, coupled with nursing skills acquired through a process of integrating formal and informal experiential knowledge and evidence- based guidelines (AACN, n.d.). In the case of F.S., he was on isolation precautions due to his infection. The results from the cultures had yet to return, therefore the infection was not identified at that current

  • Evaluation Of The Clinical Decision Making Process

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    Clinical reasoning can be best described by the process of collecting indications, processing, understand the problem or situation, plan and implement interventions, asses outcomes and learn reflect on the whole process (del Bueno, 2005). Positive outcomes of this process can be determined by an individual’s preconceptions, attitude, perspective and willingness (mentally and physically) (McCarthy, 2003). In a report by the clinical excellence commission of NSW Health they conclude that there are

  • Decision Making And Clinical Reasoning Skills

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    I understand how to employ leadership, decision-making and clinical reasoning skills to provide optimal patient care. Pediatric care in a rural, level III, county owned emergency room is somewhat of a precarious subject. In my hospital, we have a small pediatric floor that only admits the mildly sick and transfers the rest of the patients. Therefore, the axiom of the emergency room is transfer as quickly as possible. When a pediatric trauma or emergently sick child does come into our emergency room

  • Essay on Nursing Process and Clinical Decision Making

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    Process and Clinical Decision-Making The nursing professional faces a myriad of decisions on a daily basis. The effectiveness of the decision-making process is crucial to ensuring positive outcomes in the clinical setting. If the nursing process is misunderstood or misapplied to the decision-making process by a failure to use critical thinking skills, the results can be catastrophic to the anticipated outcomes. Furthermore, an immaturity in critical thinking may influence decisions because of

  • Clinical Decision Making For Physical Therapy Assistant

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    Skinner, S. B., & McVey, C. (2011). Clinical decision making for the physical therapist assistant. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett. This guide is built to help develop the essentials to caring for patients. To help people or students to make decisions to the pathway of Physical Therapy. The book then later proceeds to talk about internships and how to score a high grade for the NPTE which is the National Exam for Physical Therapy. A good thing about this book is that it can be used at any level