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  • Color Guard Reflection

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    one of six, she marches down to the football field in front of the band, chin lifted and smiling big. “[In Color Guard], I get to go out and show people what I can do,” said Iman, who has been on the team for one year. “That’s really fun for me.” Color Guard is the visuals of the band, hence why they are sometimes called the Visual Unit. Every time the marching band performs, the Color Guard is right there with them. They march with the band during pregame, perform at halftime, and even perform at

  • Color Guard Passion

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    as a Color Guard member is what causes me to relate to this. Every time I perform I get uncontrollably nervous. Once I get on the show mat, I immediately forget about anything in life that might be causing me stress. As I begin to perform I can feel the crowd's energy and that is what pushes me to make every performance better than the last. These improvements are what cause me to make every performance more successful than the last, and they make those impossible achievements happen. Color Guard

  • Essay On Color Guard

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    Color Guard The first time I auditioned for the Elizabeth High School Color Guard, I would never have imagined it to play such a crucial role in my life. I have participated on this artistic and athletic manner for three years and it has been one of the preeminent decisions I have ever made in my life. For those who may not fully understand what color guard really is, it is a time intensive sport. Yes, a sport. Try jazz running across the football field for nine minutes while dancing and spinning

  • Color Guard Teacher

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    originally thought that they did. In one typical work period of an elementary school teacher, presenting the lesson and making sure that the students understand is the main concern. When teaching, things should always be tried to make memorable. In color guard

  • How Is Color Guard An Art

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    12 October 5, 2017 Color Guard is a Sport and an Art Smack! A solid quad. Many people believe that Color Guard is only an art, and some believe that it is actually a sport. So? Is Color Guard a Sport or an Art? Color Guard is actually a Sport AND an Art. It is in fact the sport of the arts. It is called the Sport of the Arts because music is brought to life through performance and competition. Color guard is a sport, because of its competitive and physical aspects. Color guard is an art, because

  • Research Paper On Color Guard

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    before every performance. Color guard has been a sport of the arts that has evolved from primarily a military activity, to a world wide sport. “Whenever I am performing, It makes me feel like I am doing something productive with my time and I am doing something I actually enjoy” Hoyt said. With over twenty five colleges throughout the United States that provide color guard scholarships, Hoyt is already planning for her future. “After high school I want to pursue color guard in college and hopefully

  • Color Guard Research Paper

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    Yet another accomplishment has been achieved at Chino Hills High School that only adds to the prosperity and Husky spirit of this illustrious and triumphant school. This year, Color Guard participated in and won a variety of championships including the WGI Circuit-Western Open Class Championships, West Coast Winter Circuit-Open Class Championships with a first place medal, the WGASC Circuit with a silver medal, and the WGI Open World Class Championships in Dayton, Ohio which they took 16th place

  • Reflection Paper On Color Guard

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    Hey there! It’s Monday, July 17. My sisters and I have packed and we are officially ready to leave for Color Guard camp. We are really excited for what is in store for us over the next few days. Last year’s camp was difficult and made our guard wary of coming back for a second try, but hopefully they’ve fixed last year’s issues. The guard met up at the school this morning to be fitted for our fall costumes and we are now on our way to start day one of camp. This year campers are sleeping in Royer

  • Eagle Pride Color Guard

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    girls, one of the extremely humbling parts of being a Captain of the Eagle Pride Color Guard is the ability to show girls that regardless of their background they can reach their full potential. As I transitioned from my freshman year on Color Guard into my veteran years, I began to realize that I was among a group of girls that had experienced obstacles and had found ways to overcome them. During my second year on guard everything began to come into focus: I observed girls who were struggling with

  • Color Guard As A Performing Arts Activity

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    When I went to Pike High School I participated in an activity called color guard for four years. Color guard is a performing arts activity that incorporates dance while using flags, rifles, and sabers. When I began this activity I barely understood what I was getting myself into. Our team got abandoned by our coach for most of the winter season my freshman year, so our show was pretty awful. We went to competitions with expectations of losing and embarrassment among our peers. At this point everyone