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  • Contraband in Prison

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    to creating weapons made from paper, these individuals are constantly finding new ways to exploit the system to their benefit. Though there is seemingly an infinite amount of different types of contraband, the most commonplace items seized are drugs, tattooing equipment, electronics, and weapons. Contraband, as defined by US Legal, refers to property that is illegal to possess or transport. The Arizona Revised Statues define the

  • Contraband in Prison

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    Contraband can be defined as anything prohibited by law being imported and exported. When it comes to prisons, anything that can’t be bought in the commissary or that isn’t given to them when they get to prison is contraband. Contraband is a major issue behind the walls and can be anything from a “homemade” shank by the inmate, or drugs or weapons smuggled into the prison from various ways. Not only is different types of contraband in the prison a threat to the inmates lives, but also a threat to

  • Safety And Security In Prisons In A Prison Or Prison

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    It is very important that you realize your surroundings in a jail or prison. I made sure that I read every inmates file all 100 of them. You will soon realize that you are a supervisor over Inmates, some say you are a baby sitter as much as some do not want to hear that. It is true. I love my job. I love my co workers, best guys I have worked with. I want to make sure they get home to their families so we go into work the way we came out. Safety and Security is to help us and help the inmates and

  • Research Paper On Gangs In Prison

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    English 151 November 5, 2014 Gangs in Prison Gangs pose a threat to the safety of United States prisons by performing illegal activities and the encouraging violence. It is important to develop strategies to reduce gang recruitment, limit their influence, and sanction their misconduct in order to create a safe environment for all prisoners. With this, inmates that are involved in gangs should be put under twenty four-hour lockdown. By isolating these members, prisons will be able to limit their influence

  • Crime in Prison Essay

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    Crimes in prison have been a part of our prisons since prisons themselves have been developed. It is almost certain that the criminals who end up in an institution in the first place will commit crimes while incarcerated. Prisons have come a long way over the years and with trial and error they have discovered many effective ways to help drop crime rates. Mail is monitored and read on occasion and is a privilege for inmates that can be taken away. Though many of the new policies and procedures

  • Short Summary Of Shawshank Redemption

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    In The Shawshank Redemption, a banker named Andy Dufresne is sentenced to two life sentences for the murder of his wife and her lover. In prison Andy becomes friends with contraband smuggler Ellis Redding also known as “Red” who is serving a life sentence. Red first gets a rock hammer and a Rita Hayworth poster for Andy. In the beginning, Andy was assaulted regularly by ‘the Sisters’ and their leader Bogs. Andy and a few other inmates were paving the roof when Andy overheard captain of the guards

  • The Importance Of Unreasonable Search And Seizures

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    Unreasonable Search and Seizures Strip searches is a practice of removing one’s clothing in an attempt to find contraband the person strip searched may possess. This practice serves as a method used on individuals in the process of being sent to a correctional facility in an attempt to ensure contraband does not make it’s way inside the facility. According to the fourth amendment, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and

  • Inmate Letter: Disciplinary Case

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    reset as an act of good faith to ensure that you were given the opportunity to appeal your case. Policy does not specify that timeframes cannot be reset when the situation warrants it, as in your case. The original charge was a 23B Promoting Prison Contraband which was amended at the Central Office level to a 21B

  • Florence V. Singapore Case Study

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    crimes, drug and weapon charges is not practical because the crime itself is not a sufficient indictor to determine if contraband would be found on their person. Additionally, being detained for a minor offense does not mean that the offender cannot be a dangerous criminal who is already wanted on a more serious or violent crime. 3. Contraband is more than drugs and weapons, contraband is any item that the jail determines that is unauthorized for an inmate to possess, and there are numerous legal everyday

  • Florence V. Board Of Freeholders Of The County Of Burlington

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    offense and was thoroughly searched. According to Florence, his 4th Amendment was violated, and the searches conducted against him were unreasonable. He was forced to disrobe, squat while naked, shower in front of security, and prove that there was no contraband stored in or under his genitals. After Florence 's release from jail, he sued the government and went to the federal trial court, which ruled in favor of the petitioner (Albert Florence). However, the Third Circuit reversed, deeming that searches