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  • Review Of ' Han 's Maturity

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    that she knows how, but he 's yet to figure out why. Therefore, when they travel or take time away from the public eyes, he bugs the absolute shit out of her to make her cook for him. Quite honestly, if they take a vacation that involves leaving Corellia, it wouldn 't be surprising if he acted sickly just to make her cook something for him. Especially, while aboard The 'Falcon. Who does the laundry and other

  • Analysis Of The Movie ' Les Miserables '

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    Vazquez 1 People have desires to do things, like publishing a book or go skydiving. They want to pursue their dreams and some people accomplish them. Marie Lu is an example of one these people. She is a remarkable writer and her passion for writing compelled her to publish her first successful trilogy series. Marie Lu has always wanted to be a writer since she was young. She was born in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China on October 15, 1984 and immigrated to the United States at the age of 5. She started sending

  • Apocalypsen Solo Effect

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    means a great responsibility in life and expectations to live up to. Jacen Solo is the son of Han and Leia Solo. He has grown up living a difficult life that has him question himself and affects the people around him. As the breaking of ties with the Corellia system, a longtime ally of the Republic, he falls under the influence of the dark side like his grandfather before him looking to unite the galaxy and using whatever means necessary to do so. He drags others down this dark path with him creating

  • Response To Han's Wedding

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    bodies of water. I also have this tiny headcanon that Corellia has three pledges depending on the bonding. To either swear by the sea, the moons, and the stars. To swear by the sea is the most casual bond out of all three. Tradition has been flushed out of this pledge and is now regarded as an engagement thread instead. To swear by the moons is a more serious pledge, equivalent to that of a normal wedding. There are three moons orbiting Corellia. Each moon represents a stage of their lives. Their

  • Short Story Han

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    choreography in which each party followed with grim dedication. As they walked past a live war zone, Han eyes the many life-forms Tenshin considers his students. He’s never heard of the Tenno, but it reminds him of the old tales he’d heard back on Corellia as a boy. Tales of old where men and women and life-forms of all kind posses an untamed power—Jedi, was what his eldest sister had called them. Wiped out long ago, they haven’t returned, and likely wouldn’t. Even that old man he’d met back on

  • Chewbacca's Virtue Analysis

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    you’ve got there. Little outdated, yeah? I’d say by more than a couple hundred years.” Another frantic handful of seconds in clumsy silence passed before Han supplied, “Solo — my last name; you can trace it back generations, back to the Dark ages on Corellia. I’ve always been told it’s unique ‘cause of that. — Where’re you from? Doesn’t sound like it’s from the core worlds. You from the

  • A Short Story

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    “Hey, not bad,” Verin remarked as they entered the hangar where the Thunderclap sat. “That thing as roomy as it looks?” The bounty hunter radiated energy on a level that rivaled Fynta. Jorgan sympathized with the man. He clearly worried about his wife, but forced a cheerful facade for reasons Jorgan would never understand. Cormac did the same when he was nervous, whereas Fynta fought back with snark, and Dorne with research. Aric wondered if he had a coping mechanism, then remembered his reputation