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since they met in the exodus verse, I 'm gonna keep it that way and keep them in the exodus verse only

Who cooks: Normally, the servants will tend to most of their needs. If they 're on their own, Han does most, if not all the cooking. Alaedra is incredibly lazy and would much rather do anything else than cook. Han is certain that she knows how, but he 's yet to figure out why. Therefore, when they travel or take time away from the public eyes, he bugs the absolute shit out of her to make her cook for him. Quite honestly, if they take a vacation that involves leaving Corellia, it wouldn 't be surprising if he acted sickly just to make her cook something for him. Especially, while aboard The 'Falcon.

Who does the laundry and other
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Both of them are nobles, which means they 're constantly in danger. They have little chance to put their guard down, if not ever. Due to the loss both Han and Alaedra faced early on, they 've become iron-willed and fiercely protective of who they love, as well as themselves. However, due to subjected conceptions of self-preservation he 's held since his wild youth, making sure of that tenfold, Han will find a way to dominate her, but only if he needs to. I 'd like to think of it when it comes to her safety? In critical moments. Whether by way of words or actions; Han won 't fail to find a way to control the situation.

Favorite nonsexual activity: Ellie read my heart--I mean mind when she wrote her version of this ship meme! I have a huge headcanon that Han actually misses Corellia a lot in his canon verse. He 'll hum traditional songs or lullabies. He may actually have a traditional drum or flute stowed away on The 'Falcon. Once again, due to his nature, he 'll probably never be the first one to mention his love for it. Alaedra would 've noticed the habits in some way or another. When Corellia hosts their grand balls, Han would much rather sit and listen and enjoy chatting with her and friends. In relation to that, when he gets comfortable around her, he 'll want to share his favorite songs and teach her how to sing them. In turn, Alaedra would want him to learn the songs

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