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  • Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computer Case Study Essay

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    Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computer, Inc. Report of Findings and Recommendations Prepared By: Robin Armstrong Table of Contents Background and Scope 3 Current Scenario 4 Situation Analysis 6 Conclusions and Recommendations 8 Background and Scope This report has been prepared for Professor XXX. This report summarizes the complete review of Donna Dubinsky’s career at Apple Computer as the Director of Distribution and Sales Administration and the proposed distribution

  • Donna Dubinsky

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    I. Why was Donna so successful during her first 4 years at Apple before the JIT dispute? Dubinsky’s advanced because: (1) her division delivers results, (2) her individual performance is strong, (3) Apple’s environment permits rapid advancement, and (4) her boss helps her. 1. Sales delivered strong results, and Dubinsky was a recognized positive contributor to it. Dubinsky’s group performed well on key metrics including dealer satisfaction,supporting new product launches without delay, and scaling

  • Apple Is A Technology Based Company Out Of Cupertino, California

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    Apple is a technology-based company out of Cupertino, California. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack started the company in 1980. After getting kicked out for a few years by the board, Jobs reclaimed his company. Since his return, Apple has never looked back. Apple began as a computer company, but by the late 2000s they expanded and launched the first iPhone. The rest is history after the first phone debut. The first iPhone was a major leap forward in phones and technology; it was the first of its kind

  • Where Is Silicon Valley?

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    Where is Silicon Valley? Silicon Valley is the name given to the region south of the San Fransisco Bay Area that is located in Northern California. It is an area in the larger U.S state of California and stands as a hub of economic activity with the headquarters of most of the global tech companies calling it home. Silicon Valley extends to cover the whole of Santa Clara Valley covering the lower part of the San Francisco Peninsula and the southern region of the East Bay. With that, Santa Clara

  • Let the Punishment Fit the Crime in the State of California

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    The Punishment After having been arrested and charged with the killing of my children’s father, I was subsequently convicted of first degree murder, PC§187a (CA Codes). The sentencing guidelines, here in California, require a judge to adhere to PC§190a which states that, “Every person guilty of murder in the first degree shall be punished by death, imprisonment in the state prison for life without the possibility of parole, or imprisonment in the state prison for a term of 25 years to life (CA

  • My History Not Yours

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    American westward expansion, it was actually larger than the United States had been at that time. Some lands that Mexico lost in the Mexican - American war under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, are Texas (the second largest state in the present US), California (the third largest state in the present US) and New Mexico (the fifth largest state in the present US). Due to this defeat Mexico lost half of its national territory. Half of Mexico’s lands were gone and half of Mexico’s people displaced making

  • The San Joaquin County Safe Routes At School Network

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    Schools: 30 • Community and Business Organization Supporters: 22 Interested in learning more about Safe Route to School in the County? There are plenty of ways that you can become involved to support the effort. Located on the intersection of California Street and Hazelton

  • The California Drought And The Proper Allocation Of Water Resources

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    The California Drought and the Proper Allocation of Water Resources Intro: The state of California is in the midst of a five year drought. The results of which are beginning to reek havoc on the state’s municipalities, farms and wetland habitats. If the state continues as is supporting in thirsty agricultural industries, towns and cities at current levels, not only will this exacerbate already tenuous water supply problem within the state it will have ripple affects throughout the South West.

  • San Francisco Bay And The Francisco Estuary

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    The San Francisco Bay was stumbled upon by Spanish soldiers in 1769. Upon the time of its discovery, the Bay and the San Francisco Estuary traversed 500 square miles consisting of open water as well as another 850 square miles of fresh and salt water marsh. There was beautiful scenery along with the existence of various species in the beginning of its discovery. Various types of species included sea otters, whales, large salmon, mussels and oysters, large flocks of geese and duck, as well as shorebirds

  • Case Study : Disney 's Business Model

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    parks because of their locations. Disney is spread across nearly every continent and has eleven parks spread across the world. This gives the company an advantage over companies like Universal, which only has parks in Orlando, Florida and Hollywood, California. Requirement Two Analyze Disney using the framework of Porter’s Five Forces. 1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers: I don’t believe that the suppliers have too much power in changing the decisions of such a big company like Disney. Although they might