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    Introduction Seiridium cardinale (Wagener) Sutton et Gibson has been wrecking havoc on populations of cypress (particularly Cupressus macrocarpa and C. sempervirens) since its discovery in California in 1927 and its spread to Europe shortly thereafter (Raddi and Panconesi 1981; Wagener 1928). In the 1920’s, disease symptoms in C. macrocarpa were originally attributed to insects (Wagener 1928). Wagener officially identified the causal agent as Coryneum cardinale in 1939, though Sutton and Gibson

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    The South China Tiger, or other wise known as the Chinese, The Amoy or Xiamen Tiger, was known to roam the temperate forests of southeast China. It is thought that the South China Tiger is the original tiger that all other tiger subspecies are evolved from. Pygmy slow lorises are nocturnal and arboreal animals,which means that they are mainly only active during the nighttime and sleep at night. They do most of their foraging and hunting in the trees at night. François' monkeys are Old World monkeys

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