Southwestern Indiana

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  • The Construction Of The Patoka Reservoir

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    “In the 1960s, for the folks in and around Ellsworth, [Indiana,] living life decades behind the time was just the way it was. Manpower over technology. The comfort of tradition over the anxiety of change,” stated Jason Recker, a journalist for The Herald. Patoka Reservoir, an economic center for recreation and flood control, encompasses 8,800 acres of land. Before its construction, a thriving community inhabited the fertile terrain along the Patoka River. Towns of this former neighborhood included

  • Quality Care Cleaning Solutions At Norwest Indiana And Southwestern Michigan Essay

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    serving Norwest Indiana and southwestern Michigan. We are a startup company that was established as a corporation August 2016. The Principle owner of the company is Tammy O’Neill who, along with her partner and Vice- President Cassandra Beach, bring more than twenty years of experience in the cleaning industry as well as business operations. Mission/ Vision Our mission is to be recognized as the leading provider of contract cleaning services in the northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan Area

  • Eugene V. Debs Research Paper

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    Born on November 5, 1855 in Terre Haute, Indiana, Debs was raised by Jean Daniel, father, and Marguerite Mari Bettrich Debs, mother, to become a leader. Both his parents were immigrants from France who sought the pursuit of happiness and freedom. Eugene was unfortunate to not complete school, and instead begin working to support his family’s income. At 14, he left home to work in railroad shops. At a very young age, Debs was exposed to the poor treatment of immigrant workers who worked in the railroad

  • Building Strange Bedfellows : Indiana Housing And Community Development Coalition

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    Strange Bedfellows – Indiana Housing and Community Development Coalition Toward the end of the 2015 meeting of the Indiana General Assembly (“Session”), it became evident that a few advocacy organizations were seemingly misinformed and disconnected from IHCDA policy positions. Rather than addressing these issues individually, IHCDA seized the opportunity to develop a much broader working group of advocates and experts that are connected to housing and community development in Indiana. After receiving

  • Motivations Behind Altered Images : Feigned Realities

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    Motivations Behind Altered Images: Feigned Realities In an increasingly visual society, wherein mediated information and reality are weaved together, making it nearly impossible to distinguish what is real from what is represented, beauty may only seem skin deep. Each day we are constantly bombarded by images and messages from society and the media telling us who, what, and how we should be. Nearly every magazine published boasts various headlines promising fat blasting secrets or how to get flawless

  • The Biography Of Samantha Smith Essay

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    The Biography of Samantha Smith Samantha Nicole Smith was born into a small family on April 21st 1998, in Indianapolis, Indiana, the daughter of Chief Prosecutor Christine Smith and Part Owner/Superintendent Brian Smith, sister of high school graduate and future freshman of Butler University Nathan Smith. Samantha came from a hardworking, family oriented, working class of community involved family members on her father’s side. Her paternal grandmother, Joanne Smith, pushed her four sons to be

  • Indiana 's District Is Represented By Republican Todd Essay

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    London in 2001. After returning to the United States, Young continued his education at Indiana University in Indianapolis, IN where he earned his JD degree from the Robert H. McKinney School of Law in 2006. Young and his current wife Jenny got married in 2005 and currently live in Bloomington, IN with their four children: Tucker, Annalise, Abigail, and Ava. The 9th District of Indiana is an area in South-Central Indiana that is made up of thirteen counties from Johnson County following down through IN-37

  • The On Ball State University

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    Ball State University is a very reputable school with a lot of well-thought-out policies. Since 1918, Ball State has maintained a well-organized university, which is impressive when you consider the large enrollment number. However, one policy that Ball State could improve is the visitation policy. The current visitation policy is generally one of the biggest criticisms with Ball State, and for good reason. The current policy does not permit guests over in the dorms past midnight on weeknights. The

  • Un-Uniquely Oppressive. “The Point Of History Is To Learn

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    Un-uniquely Oppressive “The point of history is to learn that our time is not uniquely oppressive.” These wise words rang through Purdue’s Fowler Hall on the night of March 1st*, spoken by famed historian, Rice University professor, and CNN contributor Douglas Brinkley as part of his Presidential Lecture alongside Purdue President Mitch Daniels. During a time where bipartisanship has fallen by the wayside and American politics are in upheaval, I went to Brinkley’s lecture hoping to hear bipartisan

  • Dan Coats Essay

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    The battle for the state of Indiana is usually quite set. Indiana has long been considered to be a staunch Republican-supporting state, especially in Presidential races. The Hoosier state has only supported a Democratic candidate for president five times since 1900. These include Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt in two elections, Lyndon Johnson, and, by a mere 1% margin, Barak Obama. But, it is also interesting to note that eleven Democrats have been elected Indiana’s governor during that same