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  • The Importance Of A Helper On Pvpwars

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    any type of moderation? If So, Explain. ~ Yes, I have been in charge of almost an entire server before. I was an administrator on the server MineToken (average of 75 players at any given time) and we offered prison, kit pvp and a variety of other minigames

  • Super Gadgets Research Paper

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    The educational goal of Super Solvers Gizmos and Gadgets is to teach young children a variety of basic concepts in math and science. It accomplishes its goal mainly through the use of minigames. Some of the minigames involve launching a ball into the designated hole, which teaches about force; completing a circuit by drawing wire, which teaches about electricity; matching the types of energy to example images, which teaches about different types of energy; and a few more. Another way they educate

  • Symbolism In Eventide 3

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    Mary Gilbert, the world renowned botanist, is back and if the previous two Eventide games taught us anything, this means that one of her unfortunate family members are going to end up kidnapped. This time it is Mary’s brother John who gets whisked away by some sinister creatures called Zmeys after she decides to pay him a visit. The monsters take him to a land in the clouds, but luckily for Mary, a house spirit called Aitvar arrives to assist her with reaching this magical world on the other end

  • Homestuck Essay

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    first began on the 13th of April 2009 as a choose-your-own-adventure style comic, written by Andrew Hussie. When the comic ended on the 13th of April 2016, it was massively multimedia, with hours of flash animation, thousands of panels, and multiple minigames. Homestuck is very unique in the way it's organised. Whereas most comics have chapters, Homestuck is split into "Acts" and "Intermissions" much like a play. In total there's 7 Acts, 17 secondary acts, and 18 Intermissions, which leads to fun titles

  • Analysis Of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials Series : The Book Of Dust

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    The stunning “equel” to Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series, The Book of Dust, deserves a video game adaption of equal quality. The Book of Dust’s first installment, La Belle Sauvage, follows a trio of unlikely heroes — Malcolm Polstead, a young worker at his family’s inn, Alice Parslow, the inn’s washer-up, and the baby Lyra Belacqua, the prophecy-chosen daughter of two prestigious scholars. The plot of this book revolves around them making one escape to the next in Malcolm’s canoe, La Belle

  • Personal Narrative: My First Play Minecraft

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    When did you first play Minecraft, how often do you play? On my 13th birthday my dad asked me what I wanted as my birthday gift. At the time, I had Minecraft Pocket Edition, and planned daily what I would do when I finally got the computer version. After a lot of thought, I made the tough decision to ask for Minecraft for the computer instead of going to go see the Newsboys in concert. I remember the anticipation I experienced when my dad was entering his payment details. After 10 minutes, my not

  • Popular Culture: The Positive Impact Of Pop Culture

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    Pop culture has positive effects on communities around the world for many years. This topic had been up for discussion throughout history, and how beneficial different pop cultures have on society. Pop culture influences children and young adults in our society to develop skills in their life. Gaming and fashion build skills and create community around our nation. In our modern society gaming has beneficial impacts to people in our world. People believe that gaming builds skills in everyday life

  • Examples Of Simple Game Of Touch Rugby

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    Teaching Sequence: 1. We will begin with a simple game of touch rugby in a small area. This will give them time to warm up all their muscles and get into a rugby mindset. This will be followed by some time stretching. (8 minutes) 2. Students will get into lines of three and begin passing to each other across a set distance of about ten meters. They will pass back and forwards between them and stop at the other side. At the other side they will pass the ball to another group of three who will bring

  • Mincraft Vs Roblox Research Paper

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    People make servers which are usually minigames and your brain is the limit. Minecraft has a certain objective, to get the best items there are. The end of Minecraft is defeating the "Ender Dragon". The Ender Dragon is a big dragon in a different demension that is very hard to beat and can get

  • Commentary On Cyclonenetwork

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    1)Why do you believe you should be part of the staff team for: I wanted the chance to help people on a Prison server. I've been staff on a prison server only once but I've had alot of experience during that time. I've only been staff on Factions and Minigame Servers and i've been getting alittle tired of them. I wanted to change and go help prison servers so i've been trying to apply after playing the server for a period of time. 2)Describe how you think you could make a difference on CycloneNetwork