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  • James Butler Hickok And The Civil War

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    James Butler Hickok was born on May 27, 1837, in a small, clean, agricultural community called Troy Grove, Illinois which is located in the mid-northern part of the state. James Hickok was better known as “Wild Bill,” a name he got the name while fighting in the Civil War. Wild Bill’s early career consisted of many jobs. At the age of 17, Bill was a towpath driver on the Illinois and Michigan Canal; he also worked on a stage coach to keep bandits from robbing the stage and passengers. When he was

  • Black Hills Expedition Of 1874 Essay

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    Moses Manuel, Alex Engh and Hank Harney started bringing many workers and families. It operated for about 47 years bringing people and their families to settle.(Homestake Mine, Wikipedia) Towns were going up and the Black Hills were thriving. Lead-Deadwood was a boom town and is now a tourist’s site. Sanford Lab was created on the old site of Homestake Mine. Here they have found out things that have never been discovered before. The Black Hills itself rely on the tourists for its economy to function

  • Deadwood Research Paper

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    season until it was ripped from their arms, and its quick rise as a cult favorite prompted the studio to release Serenity, a full feature length film to conclude the series properly. (-- removed HTML --) 2. Deadwood Now regarded as one of the best TV dramas to hit the home screen, Deadwood was cancelled after three seasons

  • Calamity : A Rough Character People

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    “We’ve been here for hours!” cried John. “Stop your complaining, you were the one that got us stuck in this mess in the first place!” Bill Hickok scolded. Calamity Jane turned around and yelled at both, “Will you two stop it! I can’t think with you two at each other’s throats. Besides it’s no one’s fault, we got in here together and we will get out together.” “Calamity Jane was born on May 1st, 1852 in Princeton, Missouri” (Biography.comeditors). “Calamity was a rough character people said, with

  • Cowboy Myths

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    When you think of cowboys you think of a hero, someone who seeks adventure and thrill. But things might not be always as it seems. “A cowboy’s life is not the joyous, adventurous existence shown in the moving pictures”(Bill Haywood). A true definition of a cowboy is a man, who herds and tends cattle, specifically in the western US. We tend to focus on the mythical side of the story and ignore the reality. In the 19th century, people thought to believe that the United States was destined to expand

  • Deadwood Creative Writing

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    In the year of 1942 on a sunny day there was a family that was hiking in Deadwood, SD. They were hiking by these tall pine trees. They were different colors….some of them were a very dark red, several trees were dark and light green, many trees were kind of like a weird yellow greenish color. The only things there were trees. Trees, trees, and more trees. The parents were Martha and Seth Bullock. Martha had green eyes and curly light brown hair that was always put up. Her skin was smooth. She had

  • The Deadwood Insititute Prologue

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    Soft, tired eyes struggled to keep open which symbolized another late night for Dr. Kurt Rook. He remained confined in his restrained behavior, fighting the urge to lose control with the deprivation of slumber and nutrients. Sheer irony shouted from his current physical state. No matter what he could do, he never found himself pointed to the direction of home. He stood up from his desk, his long, white coat casually coming around his gaunt form. His light tanned hand stretched over to the fold

  • The Wild West Rides Into The Sunset Essay

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    Connor Lucas ENG 3080J Hollis February 20, 2014 The Wild West Rides Into The Sunset Have you ever read a text that included items such as a bold cowboy, trusty horse, beautiful female, or a dark villain in a dry, isolated, and undeveloped setting? If so, it’s a great possibility that you were reading a classic Western. Many readers of this genre would describe its stereotypes as what I listed above. You can almost always find that protagonist cowboy hero, who tends to be a good-looking and sharp

  • Wild Bill Hickock was an Outlaw of the Old West

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    James Butler Hickock, also known as Wild Bill Hickock, was born in Homer, Illinois (now Troye Grove, Illinois) on May 27, 1837. He was an outlaw of the American Old West. He was a skilled gunfighter, gambler, and lawman, which are some of the many reasons why he is famous. Hickock was born and raised on a farm in Illinois. He went west at the age of 18 in 1855 first working as a stagecoach driver, then as a lawman in Kansas and Nebraska. While in Nebraska, Hickok was often called “Duck Bill”. He

  • Wild Bill Hickok Essay

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    Wild Bill Hickok James Butler Hickok was born in Troy Grove, Illinois, on May 27, 1837. He is better known as Wild Bill Hickok. Wild Bill was most famous for his lethal gun skills, but he was also known for his professional gambling, being a town marshal and even trying his hand at show business. As a boy in rural Illinois, James became recognized as an outstanding marksman with the pistol. His parents, Abner and Eunice Hickok, were very religious people. They would make James