Depressor anguli oris muscle

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  • Depression In Human Depression

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    DEPRESSION RECOGNITION: A SURVEY ABSTRACT Depression is a typical mood disorders the persons who are under depression stage will face much mental and physical disorder. Now a day’s machines are giving very good result based on human depressions. In such low mood both facial expression and voice of the human being will change when compare to the normal person. Here we are going to present a novel method by using both visual and vocal expression we are going to find the depression level of a human

  • Anatomy Notes and Terms

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    fixator A muscle that prevents unwanted movement of a bone is called a _? trapezius The largest muscle of the upper back rectus abdominis The linea alba separates the right and left _____ muscles from each other bicep femoris The hamstring muscles are the semimembranosus, semitendinosus, and _? quadricep femoris The anterior aspect of the thigh is dominated by the _____, a large muscle with four heads true All skeletal muscles have their origins and insertions on bone

  • External Intercostals And Its Effect On Inhalation

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    The air flow will control how quickly the diaphragm goes up. The rebounding (equilibrium) forces also activated when lung-thorax unit is compressed. Their needs to be a maintained airflow and subglottal pressure. Use inspiratory muscles to control air flow coming out at first. Still contracts the diaphragm and controls how quickly it goes up. Still contracts the external intercostals and others to control rib cage. Going down slower and volume decreases much slower. Positive pressure